A romantic outdoor wedding in Kefalonia island

Our couple is originally from Kefalonia island, so they could not choose a more unique place to get married in Greece but their homeland.

Words from our bride:

“I cannot distinguish any moment of my wedding day in particular, but I can say with full confidence that I would like more than anything to relive it exactly as it was.
When I saw Michalis waiting for me at the church, it was the most beautiful moment of my life. All my dreams had become reality.

The reason we chose this venue was the splendid view and the combination of sea and mountain. Everything flowed the way we had dreamt of…”

The location: Kefalonia island, Greece

Ionian islands as they’re very close to Italy they are also very similar to Tuscany and Italian sceneries and locations. So we had our theme based on the ceramic tiles inspiration in dark blue and yellow tones. This also allowed us to infuse lemons into our floral mix.

This was a rather big wedding where 550 guests were invited and this of course called for extra care with respect to the floor plan and of course logistics and management of the guests.

RPS Highlights:

  • Our bride’s custom made dress
  • The lemonade stand we created for guests at the church
  • The villa were our bride made her preparations

Tips on organizing a big wedding in Kefalonia island

A very important tip when organizing a big wedding is first and foremost to make sure that ceremony location and dinner area are not far from one another. Kefalonia is a rather big island and perhaps the ceremony location might turn out to be miles afar from reception area. This is very important as this way your timeline will not be pushed and won’t miss vital time from your perfect day by losing hours in transportation back and forth. One more important thing is to make sure that you provide parking services at the venue. This way, your guests won’t be late arriving to your dinner after ceremony and so you make sure that your caterer provides his services in the best of conditions.

Finally, connect with your venue and make sure that your space is enough not just for your tables but for a party area big enough to accommodate everyone and dance the night away!

3 reasons to plan your wedding in Kefalonia

Many of our couples look for more unique and distant islands to exchange their vows. Well, Kefalonia island is definitely one of those Greek islands, and here are 5 reasons why:

  • For its variety of settings and surroundings. This way you can choose unique places for your ceremony but for your pre and post wedding events.
  • For its great food of course! Greece is well known for its cuisine but in the islands you get to taste local flavors and delicacies that will intrigue your taste buds!
  • For its amazing light. Blue skies and crystal clear waters form the perfect palette but make sure that your photographer is keen to it and won’t experiment on your wedding day.

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Always thankful for our dear vendors:

Photographer: @adrian.wood
Florist: @bosonis.art
Artwork: @partyandcogreece
Bride’s dress: @michalismaniatis
Makeup artist: @petros_tsampoukos
Wedding planner: @rockpaperscissorsevents