You and your partner have decided to have a Greece destination wedding. This gorgeous country offers some of the most picturesque sights and incredible venues that will make your big day a truly unforgettable experience! But in order to be able to turn your vision into reality, you will need the help of a professional. This is where wedding planners in Greece come into the picture.

And since this is (probably) the first time you’re planning such an important event, it’s only natural that you feel confused about what you should do, and how you can contribute to the organization process. In consultation with your wedding planner in Greece, here are 10 things you need to ask to clear up any ambiguities:

What is a pre-wedding party?

One of the most surprising parts of getting married is the number of parties you will attend in your honor. Some will be planned by you, and others by your loved ones. In essence, pre-wedding parties enable you to gather your loved ones before the day itself, sharing the joy of future plans and also reminiscing about the past. They include everything from engagement parties to rehearsal dinners. These celebrations before your wedding day will put you in the spotlight that you both deserve.

Reasons why you should plan one

Depending on what you want to have, there are many types of pre-wedding activities that you can choose from. Although it is not mandatory, it can give you more memories to treasure, so it is always a good idea to have one. And if this doesn’t convince you to have one, the reasons below will.

  • Celebrate!

Couples often neglect to celebrate their engagement and dive into planning their weddings instead. Having engagement parties, bachelorette and bachelor’s parties allows you to savor this amazing journey.

  • Chance to know each other

The people you will celebrate with will most likely be the same set of people you would want to be at your wedding. Hence, this will give them the chance to get to know each other before your big day.

  • Let loose

Planning a wedding can be challenging. You might experience decision fatigue and overwhelming pressure during the process. This is why having parties before your special day can help you loosen up and enjoy yourself.

  • Show gratitude

Although you can thank the people who have helped you turn your dream wedding into reality on the day itself, nothing beats setting aside a day to show your gratitude. It doesn’t have to be too complicated! It can be a simple brunch to show your appreciation before your iconic event. They will love that!

Big Welcome

A multi-day destination wedding celebration in Greece deserves a big welcome. A great way to welcome your favorite people is by planning a rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding to welcome all your guests in a more relaxing setting.

Types of Pre-wedding parties

Below are different kinds of celebrations that you can do before your actual ceremony and reception. Depending on your preferences, you can do one or do them all if you want to!
  • Engagement Party
  • Bridal Shower
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Bachelor’s Party
  • Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Different Themes for Pre-wedding Parties

Greece can offer you the most beautiful venues for every theme you envision your celebration to be. We have some of the best options for a pre-wedding party to explore. With the right venue and some decoration to make it more fun, you can look forward to an awesome time.

  • Relaxing Beach Day

You will have a lot of options for a laidback day at the beach in Greece. Naxos has the best beaches for a serene experience where you can have a relaxing picnic day and play volleyball for fun. Add a simple picnic setting for a boho-chic look.

  • Beach Bars

Beach bars are a summer staple in Greece. You can invite your guests for a day of refreshing beverages by the seaside to beat the heat. For a high-end and exclusive experience, the island of Mykonos has the most luxurious beach bar known worldwide.

  • Beach Bonfire

Do you want to keep it as simple as possible? Why not have a dreamy bonfire by the beach on one of the tranquil blue beaches in Greece?

  • Sunset boat ride
Sunsets in Greece will leave you breathless. This makes sunset boat rides a splendid way to marvel at such a sight. One way to explore the island of Santorini includes sailing boats, yachts, or catamarans.
  • Cozy rooftop bar

Keep it classy by planning a dinner in the rooftop bars in Greece. Enjoy the Mediterranean climate along with the majestic view.

  • Brunch Celebration
Experience how Greece can meet your midday breakfast cravings with your family and friends. Plan a brunch celebration and indulge yourself with Athen’s eggs benedict, Greek yogurt, and a stifado burger.
  • Starry night campout
Greece is a haven for stargazers. Plan a relaxing camping experience at their designated sites and feast your eyes on the sparkling beauty of the sky. Make it even more comfortable by opting for glamping sites instead. You don’t want to feel tired from setting up tents before your big day.
  • Stylish Island Party
Despite the peaceful vibe of Greece, it also has a nightlife that you will enjoy. Paros has the most stylish island parties you can have.

Bespoke theme and prop ideas on how to add a special charm to your pre-wedding party in Greece

  • Grecian Chic Party
Imagine gilded shells, subtle golden body paint, historical attire props, magnificent delicious food – freshly baked bread, wine, and various fruits; iced alcoholic drinks, and even wings as props to add that extra touch to your event! Iconic ambiance!
  • All-White Party
Even if it is an all-white aesthetic, it doesn’t have to be boring. We have props to upscale the feel and introduce amazing elements. A champagne cart, balloons, modern lounging settings, glass tables with floral centerpieces, dramatic greenery-white installations, and so much more!
  • Neon-Themed Party
Neon is always a great idea! Chic party vibes will surely infuse all the guests with a celebratory feel. Lights, signs, table numbers, balloons, body paint – all neon! Throw in some disco balls, an epic color palette, and great lounging settings, and you are good to go.
  • Boho Chic Party
An ode to bohemian wild spirit! Outdoor galore filled with props such as ottomans and cozy lounging settings with a touch of retro, many pillows, refreshing drinks, woven straw under plates, dyed pampas, fairy lights, lots and lots of lanterns and candles; one-of-a-kind wooden drinks and food station – and so much more!
  • Greek Fiesta
The quintessential way to have a pre-wedding party in Greece! From the Greek dancing experience to various authentic drinks like Ouzo, and stunning blue, white, green, and yellow props; your party will be a huge hit. Add some amazing food and meaningful favors and your guests will be delighted.

Best time to have one

It usually depends on your chosen theme, but you can have a pre-wedding celebration anytime. Nonetheless, we recommend keeping the party private. Strive to plan it at the best time for your chosen venue. If you want to have it at a rooftop bar, plan it at night. But, if you long to have it on the beach, better do it at noon to enjoy swimming in the water. Do your research on the weather as well – in this way you will know whether you should plan an indoor or outdoor event.

What to expect from the venue

The key to having a flawless pre-wedding celebration is researching. Once you’ve decided on the type and theme of your event, finding the right venue comes next. Knowing what to expect is essential.

  • Request to keep it as private as possible. Request a specific area for you and your guests.
  • Ask for the option to have your own DJ, so you can enjoy your favorite music on this special day.
  • Be clear with the food and drink packages. Will it be free-flowing, or will you set a limit? This will come in handy, most especially with drinks.
  • Learn their rules and regulations. Do they have a curfew? What are the safe and healthy protocols that you should abide by?
  • Ask what extra services you can have in choosing their venue to know what to expect.

We hope this guide will prove to be beneficial for planning your pre-wedding parties in Greece. If you’re still thinking twice about it, here are some of the parties we had the honor to be a part of – as an inspiration for you to have yours as well. Already getting ideas and love what you see? Contact us so we can organize an iconic event for you!