It’s All About Love

Believe in the power of love because it makes the world go round!
Love is to be celebrated every day!

When we first met Annie and Ben in our offices, our feelings became clear that we should design an unconventional wedding. Annie is a surgeon and Ben is an owner of a tour agency in the French Alps, so they are both busy with their professions and they entrusted us to create for them something unique, traditionally Greek that reflected both personalities.

Annie and Ben had an orthodox ceremony at the venue’s chapel, and since this, a well known picturesque chapel we went overboard by creating a big asymmetrical garland. After the guests enjoyed their fresh lemonade and welcome drinks and the long olive oil station we have prepared.

The dinner that followed consisted of mercury vases and nude colored roses and greenery such as eucalyptus. The wind was our ally so the grey candles managed to be lit and created a unique ambiance during dinner along with the hanging string lights. A traditional candy bar with the wish book was also on the dance floor with Greek traditional sweets and dragees.

Words from our Bride

We met at Ben’s brother’s wedding. Ben was the Bestman and I was the best friend of the bride. Our wedding was held in the amazing Island Art & Taste, in the Athenian Riviera.

We knew it was the perfect location for our big day the moment we set our foot there. It was the best location in Athens with views of the sea and beautiful gardens. We wanted a relatively peaceful area, where our guests who were coming from the UK could also enjoy the beaches and have quick and easy access to the sights of Athens.

And although we had the usual bride & groom challenges to handle, the overall wedding experience was spectacular. Our wedding theme had all the design elements we wished for our Greek Summer Wedding.

The highlight of our big day was the free bar! Well, and the Olive Bar. The foreigners absolutely loved it. The DJ was also amazing. We still talk about the fireworks. It was a surprise from my father and it was the cherry on the cake of a beautiful evening. It helped that they were timed perfectly.

The only thing I would change would be the wedding video. We both regretted our decision to skip the videographer. I wish we had a video of our wedding day!

Love is to be celebrated!

Our agency strongly feels that love should know no boundaries and that needs to be celebrated in every form. Hence, when Karen and Isabel asked us if we would feel comfortable to organized their wedding there were no second thoughts! It was an absolute yes!

And even though this was our first time having to deal with the requests and vision of two brides in a wedding, this was a wedding we absolutely adored. And the reason is that we had this amazing opportunity to witness a deep love, with a rough enthusiasm, surrounded by their loved ones in a unique and raw place like Crete island where the feelings and surroundings are still authentic. Exactly as love should always be, authentic.

Words from our brides

We met in 2003 when we were 15 at an acting summer program and started dating when we were 27 in 2015! A meet up brunch between old friends became a wedding in Crete a few years later. In 2016, Isabel took Karen back to Princeton (where the summer program had taken place) and proposed in front of their old dorm room.

We got married in Agreco Farms in Crete. We decided after a few other ideas fell through and Agreco was suggested to us by RPS. Once we saw it everything fell into place as the perfect venue!

The only challenge we faced, being two brides with two opinionated moms made for extra input than usual, probably. But it all ended up fine. The biggest challenge was the time difference for planning, but even that ended up fine in the end.

We wanted something dreamy but of the earth and with many elemental touches for our wedding’s style. We wanted the natural beauty of an old farm in the hills overlooking the Aegean Sea to speak for itself. The décor and details embodied and embellished that beautiful space, with a few touches to anchor it stylistically and keep it slightly modern (ie; slate grey chargers and gold silverware).

Best decision: to get married to each other in Greece! Second best: working with RPS! Most memorable moment: when Isabel cut off the officiant to say her I Do’s early by mistake because she was so excited to say them!

Advice: be thorough, communicate often, stay organized! No regrets. “

It’s only love that you are feeling!

Pick Athens if you want to have an unforgettable Garden Inspired Wedding in Greece.After you see this wedding you will agree with us. Athens is one of the best wedding destinations in the world!

When the couple decided to get married, Athens was their first choice for their wedding day. They both love open garden weddings and Greece, so it was only natural to tie the knot in the most beautiful venue in Athens, Island Art & Taste.

We were thrilled to bits with their vision for their wedding. Having the opportunity to design and plan an elegant wedding for such a stylish bride was a blessing. With many personal touches, every single detail was carefully picked to agree with the couple’s vibes and personality. From the wedding invitation suite, wedding cake, flower arrangement, wedding reception styling, up to all the little details that transformed their wedding ceremony into an exceptional celebration of love!

The fireworks at the wedding party were spectacular. Beyond the delicious menu and plenty of drinks, the stunning Island Art & Taste views were more than amazing. Guests couldn’t get enough of the landscape and the warm Aegean Sea view. Lots of inspiration came from the love for blooming flowers that were part of the wedding decorations.

The ceremony took place at Island Art & Taste overlooking the Aegean Sea, and the couple exchanged personal vows in front of their friends & families.

Can you think of a more magical wedding? We definitely loved every single moment!

We Believe in Love!
We love weddings and we are devoted to creating unforgettable moments! Greece is the perfect choice to organize your wedding and have the time of your life. Athens and all the Greek Islands are magical wedding locations all year long. When you find yourself next to the Aegean Sea, everything seems like a fairy tale. Even if we start to count our blessings here in Greece, we will need 10 lives to include all… Shall we start with the romantic whitewashed chapels surrounded by gorgeous sandy beaches? Popup the question and Rock Paper Scissors team will plan your dream destination wedding in Greece. We are the creative agency that will design and produce the wedding of your dreams right from scratch. Say “Yes I do” and we’ll do all the rest… and that’s a promise! Feel free to send us a message at our contact page.