Our brides are our protagonists and our absolute heroes. During these struggling times, having to face the dilemma of postponing your wedding or not can be, well, a lot. While being in constant touch with our brides and helping them navigate through the Covid-19 noise, we decided to bring them all together, even if miles apart. How? By giving them the chance to tell their stories, communicate their thoughts and share precious pieces of advice that might help the rest of them cope with and overcome this unexpected situation.

This is our first #helpabride story, with more to come. Let us know your own similar experiences and remember: we’re all in this together. #keepworkingforlove


Heather & Nick’ s story

Tell us your names 
Heather Kobus & Nick Scures

Where do you live and why did you choose Greece for your wedding?
We live in Palm Beach, Florida. My fiancé and I wanted to do a destination wedding because we love to travel and Greece holds a very special place in our hearts since it was one of our first trips abroad together. On top of that, Nick’s family is originally from Greece! Plus, it’s an absolutely stunning country!

How many guests?

What’s the new date, after rescheduling?
September 18 2020

Which were the steps you followed initially?
Initially, I was really on edge and very anxious. There aren’t any clear answers to the question “should I postpone my wedding due to a pandemic?”. I reached out to fellow brides-to-be, my mom, and of course Helena to see where their heads were at during the first half of March. We initially decided we will not postpone unless we are forced to!

What helped you more into taking this decision?

As the Covid-19 pandemic spread and more travel bans were put in place, more quarantine rules were set once travelers crossed borders and flights were cancelled through the month of April, we had more and more wedding guests (that had already RSVP’d “yes” and bought flights for our wedding) reaching out asking if the wedding is still happening May 25th. Around the same time, we received an email from Rock Paper Scissors suggesting weddings through the month of May should consider postponing. At this point we felt the writing was on the wall- we must postpone our special day!

How long did it take you to change the date?
Thanks to Helena, her team, and our vendors (all suggested by Rock Paper Scissors), we had a new date within 24 hours of making the decision to postpone our wedding.

What was your wedding planner’s role in all of this?
The best way for me to describe Helena’s role is: we absolutely, without a doubt, could not have handled this without her! The reason the transition happened so quickly is because Helena was proactively reaching out to our vendors informing them, asking their availability and rescheduling everything we had originally planned! We made the decision on a Tuesday evening and by Friday we had everything rescheduled plus a “Change Our Date” postcard designed to send out to our guests informing them of our date change. It felt like a rock had been lifted- I was no longer anxious or worried! And all of our guests were very receptive and supportive of the date change.

What is your advice to other future brides struggling to make a decision?

This is a really emotional time. You have envisioned and dreamed of your wedding for days or months or most likely years! So when something comes up that is completely unforeseen, such as a global pandemic, it can feel like the end of the world. But it’s only the end of the world if you make it that way. In reality, you will marry your Prince Charming. It may not be the exact date you had originally planned but whether you take your vows on your original date or a future date, it will happen. And it will be just as amazing as you originally anticipated! Remember, you are not alone! My fiancé and I were very worried and obviously struggled at first to make this final decision to postpone, but after all is said and done I know that we made the right choice. We feel so very fortunate to have Rock Paper Scissors on our side at a time like this. Take their advice and let them take the wheel – they truly do have your best interest on top of mind!

  • Heather Kobus