About us

We are the creative agency that will design and produce the event of your dreams right from scratch.

The success of your event and your smile is our ultimate goal!

The name RockPaperScissors portrays the inherent characteristics of the elements that comprise it.


Solid, stable and strong. It is both the basis and the driving force that gets the message through. Likewise, we can organize competent, strong groups of carefully selected partners which will provide the backbone for a well executed project.


Our medium of creativity and organizational skills.

No matter how demanding the event, our planning capabilities will be clear from the outset.


We use them to “cut” unwanted stress off your shoulders as well as trim down budget requirements, always striving for the best possible value for your money.

So, the puzzle is complete!


A simple game, a beautiful memory of childhood can today become the start of a new friendship and partnership in the world of grownups.

Let us listen to your ideas, analyze all the factors and prerequisites and once we agree the theme best suited to your style and occasion, follow through with the timely, accurate and above all successful realization of your project.

Let me introduce myself…

I am Helena Chaviara!

A spouse, mom, summer addict and social media junkie, not necessarily in that order. The web is my passion and through the years I have set to transform it from a once favorite pastime to a presently useful tool of work.

I am an insatiable traveler and book reader, fashion and design lover, who greatly appreciates an intelligent conversation. My enthusiastic and smiling personality is what strikes most the people who get to know me.

Being a marketing post-graduate with a career in the publishing sector spanning over 10 years, I have amassed considerable experience in the management of all kinds of events.

Since 2011, apart from various and ongoing online and offline projects, I let my romantic side run wild, so I decided to pursue the realization of my dream for an agency that would offer exactly what RockPaperScissors does today. Bespoke events for extraordinary clients. At your service!

I strongly feel that teams can always give better results. So when Paraskevi and I crossed paths in September 2014, I immediately felt that we could work together some magic.

So let me introduce you to…

Paraskevi Kourtidou

has a degree in Philosophy and studied art history and theatrical arts in Paris where she lived for 6 years. Her studies made it clear to her that she had to concentrate her career path in humans and their happy moments.

She feels that our world is full of nice things and that her work as an event designer is to reveal them and transform them into great moments.

Since 2000, she was an events coordinator in several venues and restaurants and since 2008 she was involved in several event management projects. She loves interior design, Japanese architecture and savoir faire.

Since 2011 together we run, a kids parties events company called Wecandoit for kids only.

We pay great importance to our co-workers and Nikoleta is the first one to take your call or answer your emails.

She’s the one that’s always willing to assist you and your guests before and during your event.

She coordinates all vendors for the day, updates your timelines and is responsible for your guests travel and accommodation settlements.

A few facts about Nikoleta

Always eager to undertake a difficult project with her warm smile,
a sea lover with experience in the hotel industry.