It’s in the most challenging of times that one should stop, take a deep breath and remember the things they’re most grateful for having in their lives, now more than ever. That’s what we did the other day, we sat down and made a list of them. Other than the obvious -family, friends, good health- we highlighted two of the things we’re most lucky to enjoy right now:

  • Living in a country like Greece, which is a true blessing.
  • Working with couples from all over the world that appreciate the way we design and style our weddings as much as we do. This is what makes our job special.

For years, we’ve been having the joy and privilege to work with Greek lifestyle brands that stand out by creating products that are more than objects, they are experiences. So, we thought that it is high time we introduce them to you. This way we’ll get you acquainted with the unique aesthetic of modern Greek designers and provide you with a small but precious piece of Greece to have with you at any given time, even when far away from here.

Without further ado, let us introduce you to the amazing jewellery brand of an equally amazing Greek designer, very dear to our hearts: Hermina Athens.

With their own words:

Hermina is a selection of timeless pieces influenced by a rich heritage rooted in Greek mythology and art. The elements of asymmetry, roughness and appreciation of tradition give birth to unique jewellery leading the mind to a journey adorned with the sights and sounds of Greek summer life. With a deep love and respect for the beauty of the imperfect, to which we all owe our uniqueness, we create small treasures to be passed on from mothers to daughters, from elders to youngers.

Rock Paper Scissors has secured for you a 15% off for every purchase you make from Hermina Athens, just by using the discount code RPS15.

Now you can kick off the summer with a little treat from us. Enjoy!