Love is Love

Could be just a glance, could be a touch or even after a strong argument. You don’t know when love will hit you and definitely you can’t make any plans for it. But when it’s there, you know it! Be aware and brave enough to embrace that special feeling. It happens without prior notice and usually when you least expect it… Open your heart and let love work its magic.

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Say Yes I Do

Express your love every day and work on the tiny details that can make your loved ones smile. A kiss at the back of their neck while he or she is cooking, tells more about your affection than 2 dozens of red roses. A small hidden note that he or she can find in the middle of their day can light up their world. Say yes to all ups and downs, hold tight to that feeling of your warm kisses and be supportive to each other when the situation has gone wild, is way more bonding than any valentine-themed-chocolate-box.

That deep feeling of “we are together no matter what” comes with some surprising truths about life. Even under the most challenging times, love can hold both of you in that special circle of trust and safety that only solid relationships have accomplished. Surviving the first two years of marriage and still feel genuine love and respect for your spouse, it worths all the celebrations that you can think of. If a couple can stand the profound transformations that they go through the first years of their marriage, they deserve to party hard.

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Your Valentine’s Day

Life happens between our efforts to make plans for the perfect weekend, the perfect wedding party, the perfect vacations, the perfect Valentine’s Day and anything else. It’s not about how perfect we have planned something but how we react and interact in real life changes. There is no right or wrong way to celebrate your love on Valentine’s day. There is only the way that gives that special meaning that reminds both of you why you are together. I bet you don’t need us to remind you, right?

Love is what it is!

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