Top Bridal Beauty Tips Every Bride Should Know

Top Bridal Beauty Tips Every Bride Should Know

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Bridal Beauty Tips

Katerina Theocharis shared her golden list of Bridal Beauty Dos and Don’ts for all the brides to be. We are thrilled for having her valuable words of wisdom on our blog. We love our brides & grooms and we care for their wedding look, too!

Katerina said: “You have picked the dress of your dreams, you have arranged every little but significant detail of your wedding… You want everything to be perfect! Today, I am going to elaborate on some important do’s and don’ts of your bridal beauty, so you avoid wedding beauty disasters and rock that iconic look you were dreaming of!”

Top Bridal Beauty Tips Every Bride Should Know
wedding in crete
Top Bridal Beauty Tips Every Bride Should Know

Bridal Beauty DOs

Visit your beautician so she/he can customize the perfect face treatments and skincare products tailored for your own special needs. A few months before the wedding is the right time for facials and chemical peels. If – worse case scenario – something goes wrong, you have time to restore it!

Don’t change your beauty regime completely 3 month before the wedding. It’s not the right time for experimenting! You don’t want to have a risk of breaking out before the big day, do you?

Grow your eyebrows and get in touch with a brow specialist to create the ideal brow shape for you. You should try for a new shape at least 4 months before the wedding.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle, drink plenty of water, consume more fruits and vegetables so you stay hydrated and healthy. Bridal beauty needs that!

Exfoliate your skin and do regularly face masks, so you maintain a hydrated and healthy looking skin. But, don’t overdo it. You don’t want to risk a break out!

If you suffer from dark circles and puffy eyes, you can try cold slices of cucumber for 15’ every night. Cucumber hydrates the area and the cool temperature increases blood microcirculation and helps the eyes look more relaxed.

Apply sunscreen every day to avoid any discoloration or hyper-pigmentation on your skin. There are many non-comedogenic sunscreens in the market to stay out of the way of any unneeded break-outs!

Elegant Wedding in Athens Riviera
Top Bridal Beauty Tips Every Bride Should Know
Top Bridal Beauty Tips Every Bride Should Know

Bridal Beauty DON’Ts

If you and your make-up artist have agreed to put artificial eyelashes on the wedding, avoid doing permanent lash lift or putting semi-permanent lash extensions. Lash lift creates a shape on your lashes that makes the artificial lashes look odd and it is recommended not to use artificial lashes on lash extensions.

Don’t stress too much. Try to rest, do things that help you feel relaxed and happy. Stress is not a good advisor and affects your bridal beauty!

Don’t overdo it with suntanning or solarium. UV rays dehydrate the skin and too-much tanning won’t result to that classy bride you where dreaming of!

Don’t eat too much salt the week before the wedding. Since sodium holds 50 times its weight in water, cutting back can help you feel way less bloated the week of your wedding.


Visit Katerina Theocharis’s Blog for more useful beauty tips.

Katerina Theocharis
Luxury Wedding Planners in Greece

Awarded Luxury Wedding Planners in Greece

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Wedding Planners in Greece

We have been awarded as one of the top three Wedding Planners in Greece. We undertake any kind of social or corporate event. Our specialization in the design of originally themed propositions that reflect your own (or your product’s) unique characteristics, style, personality and obsession with detail, means that there will never be any compromises on the agreed concept. We bring together the key ingredients (rock, paper and scissors) to achieve a truly fantastic result!

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Thank you, everyone! We are so touched by your love and support all these years! This award has filled our hearts with happiness. We were awarded as one of the three most acknowledged wedding planners in Greece. It was a great honor to get the award from the hands of @joyproctor! . . . We are thankful to all the vendors that granted us this award and we promise to surprise all of you with more exciting weddings and events. Congratulations to the #weddingcircle2019 team for one more successful event! Bravo @weddingcircle, you ROCK! . . . Videographer: @panagiotis_kastanidis #mavawards #weddingplanners #eventplanners #weddingplanning #eventplanner #eventplanning #athens #greece #ilovemyjob #inspiration #thankful #instagood #inspiration #topweddingplanners #rpsevents

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Anybody can launch an event… or so they say.

Because only our level of expertise, experience and excellent project management can ensure that your dream scenario has exactly the “look and feel” that you wanted, saving you precious time and money.

We are here for those who have limited time, who are not willing to stress over finding a fresh and creative idea for their event. We are here for those who wish to have the party of their dreams and enjoy it to the full!

Let us iron out all the little details, let us take care of business!

We will be there from the start – the creative process behind selecting the right concept, the time planning and the correct combination from our portfolio of partners – until the very day, when we will ensure that everything goes according to plan. Our services are not a luxury, especially considering a social event like your marriage or the baptism of your child.

From our very first meeting, rest assured that the value of our services will be obvious.

See for yourselves!

Luxury Wedding Planners in Greece

Why Us?

Especially on the subject of a wedding, a commonly expressed doubt is: “why do I really need a wedding planner?” It is a simple question and it can be answered with a simple…question. Each wedding is a once in a lifetime event and therefore an extremely important occasion, so why distract yourself from enjoying it, by trying to do it all by yourself?

Yes, you can hire professionals to take care of the photos and the flowers, the invitations and the decorations, the catering and so on, but what about a professional who will help you with the organization and coordination of all those together?


The Truth about Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is a full-time 8 hour job and it has been calculated that at least 200 to 250 man-hours go into each one in total. This means a lot of weekends and free time off your weekday’s personal time! A bride-to-be will have to spend at least 11 hours a week just to try and organize everything for the big day! That is half a day, each week, for weeks on end! Trusting us, allows you to cut out the hard work and just enjoy the process!

We will be there not only as a helping hand with the organization and coordination but will relieve you from this time-chase to get right even the minimal detail.

Many believe that the cost of a wedding planner can be prohibitory. Far from it, contacting an experienced professional is the only surefire way to remain on budget, for whichever kind of business. A wedding is no different. We will use our portfolio of contacts, our wealth of experience and advise you, help you negotiate better deals and treat your budget as if our own, to ensure that you not only enjoy a beautiful occasion, but also avoid overspending. We ensure you will get full value for each one of your euro!

Fact: 80% of our customers do not live in Greece.

So we can understand the stress and anxiety for you of organizing a destination wedding. We are there for you through all means (Fb, viber, whatsapp, skype,  you name it) so to ensure that you can reach us within 24 hours and always feel of course that you are in the experts’ hands.

You have spent months putting it all together and we will be the watchful eye to ensure all goes smoothly when you will be busy at the altar.

RPS Events Services

Our event planning is ideal for any kind of uniquely-themed private or corporate events, like:

  • Weddings/Baptisms
  • Product/service launch parties
  • Corporate dinners /parties
  • Press conferences & seminars

We take care of all aspects that set a successful event apart.


  • Event budgeting and action planning
  • Location finding and contract negotiating
  • Themed custom invitations & other special features
  • Image and sound
  • Catering
  • Travelling arrangements (to and from location)
  • On site event day management



Luxury Wedding Planners in Greece
Luxury Wedding Planners in Greece
Luxury Wedding Planners in Greece

It was a privilege for us to design this outstanding wedding photoshoot at the Abaton Island Resort & Spa, in Crete.

Venue: @abatonisland
Concept Design & Styling: @rockpaperscissorsevents
Production & Styling: @itsamansclass
Photographer: @thanosasfis
Videographer: @konstantinos_kastanakis
Florals: @pavlos_the_flower_workshop
Makeup & Hair: @theocharismakeup
Stationary: @loveme_do
Flat wear: @white_lilac_rentals
Cake: @thecakersgr
Wedding Dresses: @victoriakyriakides
Bridal shoes: Jimmy Choo by Kalogirou @kalogirou_stores
Groom’s attire: @takisgiannetos
Groom’s shirt: @christakis_athens
Groom’s Shoes: @kwnstantinosshoes
Groom’s watch: @longines
Lingerie: @hankypankyltd @maisonlejaby @bisbigli_store  @macheriestores

A Wedding Planner Reveals The Ultimate Ingredients For the Perfect Wedding Invitations

The Ultimate Ingredients For the Perfect Wedding Invitations

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Wedding Invitations Suite

Wedding Invitations are a must-have to spread the big news, to make it official and set the tone for the entire event!

After the wedding proposal and of course sourcing the right venue, then the fun part begins! Choosing the right save the dates and invitations that will tell your guests and prepare them of what they’re about to experience. Your invitation suite says a lot about what you have designed for them along with your wedding planner. Is this going to be a bohemian, a ballroom or a vineyard wedding?

Invest in the best possible design and then perhaps the quality can vary depending on the theme. A winter wedding could easily go for a leather envelope, whereas a vineyard wedding could save you some with Kraft paper envelopes. Below, we’ve collected all the ingredients for curating the ultimate wedding invitations which will set the tone of your wedding theme.

Don’t miss the section with all the invitations we have designed so far with the help and support of our exceptional stationary designers.  After all, you big day deserves only the top tier vendors and a personalized design that reflects your personality. Let’s walk together in the printed design journey for your dream wedding!

A Wedding Planner Reveals The Ultimate Ingredients For the Perfect Wedding Invitations
A Wedding Planner Reveals The Ultimate Ingredients For the Perfect Wedding Invitations

Unique Design is Everything

As you can see in this Elegant Greek Folk Wedding in Antiparos, design and style go hand by hand, into all small details of your special day. The bride being half Greek, always wanted to get married in Greece. So getting married in Antiparos at her brother’s island house, surrounded by friends and family, felt the right thing to do. They also wanted to make a holiday out of it for their guests travelling all the way and what can be better than a Greek-centered theme? They had a handful of surprises for their guests and wanted to give them a hint of what lays ahead for their wedding celebrations.

Fresh fruits and herbs, Greek traditional favors and a wedding reception full of Greek colors & tastes was waiting all friends and family members. And everyone had allready got into the mood thanks to all the design of the printed stationary of the wedding. Don’t you agree?

Natural, elegant with elements of naivety and a little bit influenced of the Greek folk tradition were some of the characteristics that made this wedding styling so unique. The flowers were all white and green with island herbs and foliage mixed in and the dinnerware was blue and white. Greek elements included the traditional Greek folk band procession as the bridal entrance and Tamata favors (a religious votive offering depicting hearts and Greek wedding crowns which can be used to pray for the happy couple or as pray for yourself for luck in love). You can see that once you feel sure about your wedding suite then you can have all sorts of adaptations afterwards in menus, seating cards, welcome signs and so on and so forth…

Wedding Stationary: @atelier_invitations || Event planner and designer: @rockpaperscissorsevents  || Florals: @pavlos_the_flower_workshop ||  Photographer: @lifestorieswedding || Ceremony and reception venue: Private villa || See all vendors from this inspiring wedding here…

A Wedding Planner Reveals The Ultimate Ingredients For the Perfect Wedding Invitations
A Wedding Planner Reveals The Ultimate Ingredients For the Perfect Wedding Invitations
A Wedding Planner Reveals The Ultimate Ingredients For the Perfect Wedding Invitations

Flowers are a safe bet!

If you’re are having a Spring wedding, let flowers inspire you! If you have a preferred flower or a deep love for foliage, then go with this as your theme. Have a look at this Colorful Spring Wedding  and get a fresh idea for your wedding invitations & printables. As you can see in this blooming wedding at Island art and Taste in the Athenian Riviera, the flowers guided us throughout the wedding invitations suite and we even created a small guide with explanations of different flowers and their meanings.

Of course you can always send invitation via webmail but we suggest you leave this only for your save the date. After all, a well-designed invitation is always a keepsake to those who truly love you and a loving memory of one of the most important day of your lives, your wedding day.

Allow your wedding planner and graphic designer to work on a unique wedding theme for you and give your guests the surprise of something out of the ordinary with your personalized wedding printables & invitations.

Wedding Stationary:@Loveme_do || Event planning, styling and flowers: @rockpaperscissorsevents  || Photographer: @NikosGogas || Ceremony and reception venue:@IslandAthensRiviera  || See all vendors from this inspiring wedding here…

A Wedding Planner Reveals The Ultimate Ingredients For the Perfect Wedding Invitations
A Wedding Planner Reveals The Ultimate Ingredients For the Perfect Wedding Invitations
A Wedding Planner Reveals The Ultimate Ingredients For the Perfect Wedding Invitations

Dare to be bold!

Just say yes to that idea you can not get out of your head. Dare to be bold! It’s your wedding and you can try anything you want. We encourage our couples to trust their dreams. Together we go beyond classic and dare to try edgy concepts. It’s in our nature to fall in love immediately with wedding themes that creativity faces no limitations.

This Wedding in Andros had a rustic & elegant theme that left everyone speechless. Starting from the breathtaking view both to the sea and to green covered mountains. The wedding theme followed the natural colors of the stone built house and greenery that surrounded it. Tones of orange and touch of wood along with ceramics kept the rustic feeling but with a very modern touch due to the vellum we used to wrap the invitations.

Decoration of course later matched the invitation design and most of the times if done the right way, it can inspire the decoration and design of your wedding. As flowers were natural in the background, we also used wooden signs, since it was needless to repeat the flower pattern, for road and welcome signs, as well as table numbers.

Wedding Stationary: Bright White || Event planner, designer, styling, florals: @rockpaperscissorsevents  || Photographer: Antonis Georgiadis  || See all vendors from this inspiring wedding here…

A Wedding Planner Reveals The Ultimate Ingredients For the Perfect Wedding Invitations
A Wedding Planner Reveals The Ultimate Ingredients For the Perfect Wedding Invitations
A Wedding Planner Reveals The Ultimate Ingredients For the Perfect Wedding Invitations
A Wedding Planner Reveals The Ultimate Ingredients For the Perfect Wedding Invitations

Why Wedding Invitations are a must-have

The short answer is that the wedding invitations make it official and set the tone for the entire event.

The day your guests receive your invitation in the mail, they start to envision the wedding day. They start to make plans and prepare – from their side – for your big day. So make it as personal and special as your wedding. A rock wedding should have a rock invitation suite but a romantic wedding should go for a classic invitation.

If you are planning a destination wedding with a weekend filled with activities, brunches, or cocktail parties with your guests, the invitation will be their map & guide for the entire weekend. That envelop should include all the important information about: guidelines to book travels, how to pack accordingly, what activities are in the schedule,  or/and any kind of sensitive information regarding the wedding etiquette. In some cases, the couple may wish to exclude social media sharing from their event or may want to stress out which #hashtags to use in your posts.

With simple words, invitations reflect the values & vibes of the couple!

The wedding invitation should reflect who you are as a new soon-to-be-married-couple. In my professional opinion, digital invitations lack of character and look less official. On the other hand, printed wedding invitations declare the significance of the event.  That been said, working with a professional stationery designer it’s a must-do process for a successful wedding experience.

Pros know how to spread your message the right way. They can assist you pick the perfect design, style, words, colors and even make all ends meet just in the right price. Only pros will help you get the best result without breaking the bank.

And at the end of the day, invitations are kept as a loving memoir from your wedding. For many this is a big thing! Especially for family members or dear friends that can not attend your wedding ceremony. Invitations are an essential part of wedding planning because they gather everything written on paper and keep the event’s flow running smoothly.

To wrap it up, when planning costs are on the table, wedding invitations should be part of the original budget. A wedding starts when guests get your invitation. There is nothing like that moment where the big news is announced, printed, professionally designed, and beautifully packed into a fine envelope with a calligraphy address bar.

The Ultimate Ingredients For the Perfect Wedding Invitations

Other Uses of Your Design

OK since you paid your graphics designer, so let’s now see in what ways you can get the most out of this cooperation. First and foremost you can use your designer for the header of your website and any other parts that has to do with the design of a new modern website yet such as your customized logo. Then of course you can use him/her on various little details, like customizing your favors, tags in your chairs, make a personalized cake topper, stickers, menus and many more ideas that otherwise you would have to get yourself one more from the store.

Wedding Muse – if there is one- is definitely in the details! And by having a graphics designer by your side, along with your wedding planner’s guidance you can have everyone talking about your wedding for the years to come. Think about this investment and the impact it will later have!

Destination Weddings in Mykonos

Destination Weddings in Mykonos

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Weddings in Mykonos

What ever happens in Mykonos, stay in Mykonos… right? Well, destination weddings in Mykonos stay with the guests & the couple forever! Everything is magical in Mykonos. Is like living into a postcard from Greece.

Rock Paper Scissors Events Agency has a long history of magnificent custom made weddings in Mykonos. And now that we are visiting (again) the Island of Winds (aka Mykonos) we are in the mood to look back at our beloved couples that trusted us to plan & design their wedding.

Destination Weddings in Mykonos
Destination Weddings in Mykonos
Destination Weddings in Mykonos

It was an amazing party on the beach, next to the blue Aegean waters with two souls in love! All weddings inevitably start with a “yes”! In this case, the proposal was made underwater and Tiffany’s blue color of the magic box was definitely a keeper to this wedding’s concept.

That is the spirit of a wedding in Mykonos! The wedding’s motto was “In the deep waters”!

Destination Weddings in Mykonos
Destination Weddings in Mykonos

The wedding took place in the mythical for the crazy parties and celebrations, Greek island of Mykonos. Couple chose Panormos Beach Restaurant for the pre wedding party and Solymar Mykonos for their wedding’s reception.

Invitations were unique because they had the feeling of reading them through a viewmaster and where designed by We design agency.

Hawaian leis necklaces and decoration was once again handled by our team. Signs like «shoes optional» and custom surf board that was used as the wedding’s guestbook, was illustrated by the talented Mr. Manolis Iliopoulos of Imaginary Rooms.

Vivid colors and deep emotions were captured by the lens of Fiorello photography where she also coordinated a custom photo booth. Video credits go to Ariadne Papanastasiou.

We are grateful to this couple that followed our lead to this deep dive in such clear waters. They followed our advices from their engagement shooting up to their wedding’s website.


Destination Weddings in Mykonos
Destination Weddings in Mykonos

Lebanese Weddings in Mykonos

This amazing Lebanese wedding in Mykonos has a special spot in our hearts! Weddings in Mykonos can have different themes due to the fact that the island has a unique scenery. This boho inspired with vintage accents wedding, was designed and organized by our team for Ingrid and Toni in Mykonos!

The pre-wedding party took place at Solymar restaurant, ceremony at the Catholic church and the wedding reception at Ftelia Restaurant. The couple entrusted us with their vision of the day and we managed to make unforgettable memories for them and their guests. We had so much fun designing and creating along with the bride’s talented friends, certain details that went along the wedding’s style and design.

Prewedding party venue: Solymar Mykonos
Wedding party: Ftelia
Photographer: George Pahountis Photographer
Videographer: I like to movie it – Nikos Dimou – videography
DJ/ Sound & lights: Showtime Djs
Macrame details: #1001knots
Stationary: @wholelottaloveevents
Bride’s dress: Vintage
Bride’s shoes: JIMMY CHOO
Wedding Ring & Wedding Band: Custom made (designed by the groom)
Groom’s attire: Zegna
Groom’s shoes: Cheaney Shoes

Destination Weddings in Mykonos
Destination Weddings in Mykonos
Destination Weddings in Mykonos
Destination Weddings in Mykonos
Destination Weddings in Mykonos

Wedding Inspiration in Mykonos

Get inspired by this destination wedding in Mykonos!

The team of Rock Paper Scissors created an inspirational styled shoot in Mykonos.  The theme was a chic destination wedding in Mykonos. The styled shoot took place at the Rocabella Hotel in Mykonos. Needless to say that this stunning venue is set on a breathtaking location, overlooking the bay of Mykonos.

The colorful tabletop was adorned with copper details and vibrant handpicked blooms: peonies, garden roses, delphinium and dahlias are just some of the beautiful flowers that were used for the beautiful floral arrangements.

The wedding theme had so many custom made decorative details such as the handwritten Pablo Neruda poem backdrop at the ceremony. As wedding favors we designed customized tambourines wedding favors. The bar stand had blue-hued signature cocktails and the indigo wedding stationery had a twist of  copper foil. Admire this romantic wedding style shoot in Mykonos.

Venue: @rocabellamykonos
Design, Styling, Decoration: @RockPaperScissorsEvents
Coordination: @love4wed
Photographer: @pahountisg
Invitations: @atelier_invitations
Cake & Sweets: @pavlovs_lab
Tablescape rentals: @white_lilac_rentals
Bar catering: @baracademy_

MUAH: @giorgiaxristodoulou_
Wedding Dress: @kathyheyndels
Wedding shoes: @kokosshoedesign
Wedding ring: Personal collection
Groom’s suit: @giannetos_since1907
Models: @fashioncult_models


Destination Weddings in Mykonos
Destination Weddings in Mykonos
Destination Weddings in Mykonos
Destination Weddings in Mykonos
Destination Weddings in Mykonos
Destination Weddings in Mykonos
Delight your Wedding Guests with a Prosecco Bar Van

Delight your Wedding Guests with a Prosecco Bar Van

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Prosecco Bar Van

All weddings must have something old or vintage, right? What’s better than a Vintage Prosecco Bar Van at your wedding?

It has style and can keep your guests happy! Bring the cocktail hour one step closer to the beginning of your wedding celebrations. You can always have and your signature cocktails, later during the party.

Put yourself into your guest’s shoes. Especially when, at destination weddings, most of the guests have traveled from all over the world to honor your wedding. In Greece, summertime is remarkable hot and arriving at the wedding reception area during early afternoon hours, doesn’t make it any cooler. Having a Prosecco Bar Van, full of cold refreshments and drinks will make your guests feel welcome and grateful.

Delight your Wedding Guests with a Prosecco Bar Van
Delight your Wedding Guests with a Prosecco Bar Van
Delight your Wedding Guests with a Prosecco Bar Van
Delight your Wedding Guests with a Prosecco Bar Van

We have a first-hand experience on how much guests are happy to see a cold glass of wine ready to be served while waiting for the married couple to arrive. In this astonishing wedding in Antiparos, the wine glasses mingle with the smiling guests within minutes.

The couple chose Bubble Couple Prosecco Van for their destination wedding in Greece. They wanted to serve White and Rose Prosecco and offer Prosecco-based cocktails to everyone. Their decision was wise because even before the end of the wedding celebration, the Prosecco Bar Van became the star of the night!

Delight your Wedding Guests with a Prosecco Bar Van

The couple decided to get married in Antiparos, surrounded by friends and family. They also wanted to make a holiday out of it for their guests traveling all the way and what can be better than the Greek islands in the summer? Natural, elegant with elements of naivety and a little bit influenced by the Greek folk tradition were some of the characteristics that made this wedding so unique. Enjoy this elegant wedding in Antiparos and get inspired!

Prosecco bar: @bubblecouplegr
Photographer: @lifestorieswedding
Event planner and designer: @rockpaperscissorsevents

Delight your Wedding Guests with a Prosecco Bar Van

A Prosecco Bar Van with A Tropical Vibes Twist

Plan your destination wedding in Greece with a hot tropical vibes theme. See how in this breathtaking styled wedding shoot in Athens.

It was still hot summer in Greece when we joined forces with Stephanie Brauer and Ushna Khan photography during their short visit in Greece, to create this unique styled shoot. Our initial mood board had tropical vibes but we wanted to infuse extra spicy and modern elements like a pancake cake –instead of a traditional wedding cake – as well as the mobile beer bar we created to serve as welcome drinks during guests’ entrance.

Photographers: Stephanie Brauer Wedding Photography & Ushna Khan Photography Concept
Florals and design: RockPaperScissors
Sweets and truck: Myrto’s Cupcakes

Delight your Wedding Guests with a Prosecco Bar Van
Delight your Wedding Guests with a Prosecco Bar Van
Delight your Wedding Guests with a Prosecco Bar Van
Tropical vibes in the Athenian Riviera

Add Modern Elegance with a Prosecco Bar Van

Our couple asked for a minimal wedding so we came up with a mix of copper and marble. We started out with the minimal design of invitations by Atelier invitations and then also took it to our tables with the creation of a unique personalized favor made out of marble that also served as a seating card.

Then we softened our minimalistic tablescape by adding the abstract floral napkins wrapped with copper napkin rings, and the unique flower mix with King proteas, orchids, Perla roses, eucalyptus, eustoma. The ceremony took place in the same venue under a unique arch where king protea flowers gave a lovely contrast to Greece’s blue skies. As we all know the bar is truly important for a good party so our groom chose a whiskey bar and our bride a mobile Prosecco Bar Van for everyone to enjoy right after the ceremony. Decoration of the cake was prepared from our team’s florist and it was another of her wild creations of the day. It was a unique day followed by a great party! What more can a planner ask for? See this modern wedding with your own eyes!

Photo & Video: @ak3fotografia
Prosecco Bar: @bubblecouplegr
Wedding planning: @rockpaperscissorsevents

Delight your Wedding Guests with a Prosecco Bar Van
Delight your Wedding Guests with a Prosecco Bar Van
Modern Elegance A marble & copper wedding by Rock Paper Scissors Events
Modern Elegance A marble & copper wedding by Rock Paper Scissors Events
Modern Elegance A marble & copper wedding by Rock Paper Scissors Events

Use your Bar Van to Serve Coffee

It may look like a classical Prosecco Bar Van but it’s serving amazing coffee. There is always room for one more espresso during a wedding day and a styled photo shoot, too! If you and your guests are coffee lovers, then add a Coffee Bar at your wedding reception. Believe us, it will make your day!

In this moody and romantic styled shoot in Athens, we had the best time ever! As you can see, the concrete elements were combined with lots of greenery and fresh flowers to smooth the whole outcome. Our flowers concept, as usual, it was rich with Tulips, lisianthus, anemones, ranunculus, freesias, peonies, veronica, hydrangeas, delphinium, roses, lilac, scabiosa pods, ami, amaranthus green, ruscus, fern and eucalyptus. And of course a lot of coffee from the lovely mobile espresso bar that you will fall in love with. It was the best start for the dinner setup.

COORDINATION: Chic and Stylish Weddings
PHOTOGRAPHER: Adrian Wood Photography
ESPRESSO BAR: Aroma Catering

Delight your Wedding Guests with a Prosecco Bar Van
Delight your Wedding Guests with a Prosecco Bar Van
Delight your Wedding Guests with a Prosecco Bar Van
Moody and romantic styled shoot in Athens
Secrets Wedding Photographers Want to Share With You

Secrets Wedding Photographers Want to Share With You

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Wedding Photographers Advice

Top wedding photographers share their secrets & advice on how to get the best photos on your wedding day. What couples should avoid and how to get the best results from your photographer. Let’s hear them out!

As a Wedding & Event Planning Agency for more than 8 years, we had the opportunity to organize countless luxury weddings. As a result of that, we have interacted with many vendors and professionals in order to organize all these weddings. Who will disagree that wedding photographers are part of the top 3 professionals that are really close to the couple? Next to the wedding planner and to the bridal gown’s designer, they see the couple under the stressful process of the wedding preparation.

Like everything in life, all great achievements are based on communication. To have magnificent wedding photographs it’s important that you and your photographer have communicated all the details. To avoid any disappointments take the time and explain to your wedding photographer what do you want and how you have imagined your big day photos. Also is important to hear wedding photographers advise on the matter and trust their experience.

However, if you’ve never had the chance to talk with a professional wedding photographer before, then these golden tips from them will shed light on what is important in a wedding photography session. Also, you will discover what drives crazy the wedding photographers on a wedding day. Enjoy their words of wisdom and keep notes if you want to ask your wedding photographer the right questions.

Photos captured by Stephanie Brauer Wedding Photography & Ushna Khan Photography Concept. See all photos from this wedding full of Tropical Vibes in the Athenian Riviera.

Secrets Wedding Photographers Want to Share With You
Secrets Wedding Photographers Want to Share With You
Secrets Wedding Photographers Want to Share With You

Anna Roussos

Choosing the right photographer to document such a special day naturally builds up anxiety for couples as they understand that when the wedding is over photographs will be their memories of the day. The advice I would give to the couples choosing their wedding photographer would include the following:

If a couple feels uncertain where to begin I would suggest that they look for the style of wedding photographs they’re most attracted to, asking themselves what they wish to see in their wedding images, what colours or tones make their hearts skip, and how they would like their event to be captured. There’s is literally a sea of choices and inspiration from numerous wedding blogs which makes it so much easier for brides to get an idea on different styles in wedding photography.

On a practical basis, it does help a lot to Pin one’s favourite photographs and to create an inspiration board of one’s own. Using these as guides the bride will understand what exactly she’s looking for. A pivotal moment I guess is when – in the process of choosing between wedding photographers- you start envisioning yourself as having already been photographed by this specific creative. This is the moment when your first connection with a photographer begins.

Do pay notice on that personal connection you feel because that means you will be feeling comfortable and at ease with this person. Scheduling a Skype call and seeing how your first meeting flows is key. Some couples are reserved and would require some guidance, others have a strong vision and others are in search of that “click” thing. Personality goes a long way and you always know it in your heart when you’ve found the “one”. It’s like with an engagement ring, it goes way beyond simply the investment, you pick it because it speaks of who you are. It’s so….you!

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Today's Wedding in Crete gave a new meaning to organic & elegant setup. The bride wanted only the best for her wedding day. ✨ The final result was dreamy and romantic! See all the gorgeous photos captured by @annaroussos, on the portfolio gallery: . . . . Venue: @eloundamare Wedding planning, styling, decorations: @RockPaperScissorsEvents DJ & lights setup: @music_essentials Furniture rentals: @zazoo_event_rentals Table setup rentals: @white_lilac_rentals Shoes: @stuartweitzman Invitations: bride and dear friend Ceara Teixeira Dress: designed by the bride and aunt Katerine Phillips. . . . . #crete #weddingincrete #seasidewedding #weddingseason #rpsevents #weddingplanner #eventplanner #destinationplanner #destinationwedding #weddingingreece #greecewedding #BrideToBe #MisstoMrs #GettingMarried #SheSaidYes #WeddingInspiration #WeddingPlanning #WeddingCoordinator #WeddingDesigner #LuxuryWeddings #smpweddings #BackyardWedding #OutdoorWedding #realweddings #brideandgroomphotos #weddinggoals #justmarried #happilyeverafter

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Let me give one more advice to the couples getting ready for their wedding photo shoot.

After planning your wedding day for several months, meeting your photographer and discussing all the necessary details with them in advance is essential.

On your wedding day, you have to try your best to relax and enjoy every bit of what’s happening around you, absorb it, memorize it, and live it. Leave all the concerns to the professionals who are there for you: your wedding planner, your photographer, the whole team that is working to make this day happen the way you have envisioned.

Standing before the camera might feel awkward at first, so act naturally. Trust your photographer and allow them to guide you. Personally, I require no specific preparation for a photo shooting from my brides, it is my job to make them feel comfortable around me and in front of my camera. They don’t have to prepare or stress about it. The only thing I ask – is trust and time to be able to access my creativity and produce some beautiful images.

Photos by  from this luxury wedding in Elounda, Crete.

Secrets Wedding Photographers Want to Share With You

Thanos Asfis

I always have in mind that this is the couple’s wedding day and this means you must be flexible enough to fit your photography style, aesthetics and vision in their plan and expectations. Nevertheless, it makes my life so much easier and the photos so much better when photography is an important factor while planning their wedding day.

Portraits of the bride and groom individually, right after their preparations, are often the prettiest since everyone looks perfect! Most of the times though, we must make them under time pressure. The same thing happens with family and couple’s portraits either because there is not much time for them in the wedding plan or because we don’t have much time with daylight.

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Kicking off a new week with extra big smiles, blossomed bouquets and a calendar full of what we hope will be productive meetings. Happy Monday everyone! Venue: @abaton resort and spa Concept Design & Styling: @rockpaperscissorsevents Production & Styling: It’s a MAN’s Class @itsamansclass Photographer: Thanos Asfis @thanosasfis Videographer: Kostas Kastanakis @freefeelings Florals: Pavlos The Flower Workshop @pavlos_the_flower_workshop Makeup & Hair: Katerina Theocharis @theocharismakeup Stationary: Love me do @loveme_do Flat wear: White Lilac @white_lilac_rentals Cake: The Cakers @thecakersgr Wedding Dresses: Victoria Kyriakides @victoriakyriakides Bridal shoes: Jimmy Choo by Kalogirou @kalogirou_stores Groom’s attire: Giannetos @takisgiannetos Groom’s shirt: Christakis @christakis_athens Groom’s Shoes: Kwnstantinos @kwnstantinosshoes Groom’s watch: Longines @longines Lingerie: @hankypankyltd @maisonlejaby @bisbigli_store από @macheriestores #bride #groom #rpsevents #weddingplanner #eventplanner #destinationplanner #destinationwedding #weddingingreece #greecewedding #weddingincrete #cretewedding

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One more thing often overlooked is the time we need to create images that describe the venue and the decoration at the reception. Most of the couples invest a big part of their wedding budget in them but don’t realise the time required for making beautiful images that showcase the concept and style of their wedding.

Especially when the photographer is working alone, it is of crucial importance to include in the wedding plan 30-40 min of the photographer’s time to capture the decoration and styling images when the reception venue is still with no guests. Of course, our life can be much easier when the couple books a second photographer that will fill in the wedding schedule gaps and make the plan of the day smoother.

Photos by from this luxury destination wedding in Greece.

Secrets Wedding Photographers Want to Share With You

George Pahountis

In my experience, I have found, the key to a successful wedding event is that there must be positive and open communication between the couple to be and the photographer.

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This Ancient Greece inspired wedding was full of unexpected surprises for the newlyweds. The ceremony took place at the church of Agios Spyridon at Pagkrati, where then the couple and their guests walked to their venue. As they entered the park, a surprise awaited our bride from her groom and her bridesmaids and a lovely bridal parade with traditional musicians and a bridal “she said yes” banner awaited her. ✨ ✨ The photographer @pahountisg captured perfectly the vibes of the wedding day. We are thrilled to share the photo gallery of this wedding: . . . Photographer: @pahountisg Videographer: Alexis Zafeirakis @portfolio54 Catering & Reception Venue: @aeglizappiou Wedding Planner: @rockpaperscissorsevents Stationary / Invitations: @loveme_do DJ, sound & lights: . . . #weddingseason #rpsevents #weddingplanner #eventplanner #destinationplanner #destinationwedding #weddingingreece #greecewedding #athenswedding #WeddingPlanning #WeddingCoordinator #WeddingDesigner #OutdoorWedding #realweddings #destinationweddings #destinationbride #weddingideas #weddingdestination #newlyweds #brideandgroom #smpweddings #instabride #luxurywedding #travelwedding #internationalwedding #justmarried #destinationweddingideas #whimsicalwedding #weddinginpso

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A major factor is having a realistic timeline to take into account, as far as designing a wedding event. The ideal time to have the wedding ceremony is two-and-a-half hours before sunset. At this time photographs of the closest family, friends and couple are complimented when taken at the best light of the day. Τhis way we also get to have enough time with the couple as I personally feel the need to have images that show their true connection.

The best experience for the photographer and lovely couple are met inevitably with this simple rule of thumb!

Photos by from this Ancient Greece inspired wedding in Athens.

Secrets Wedding Photographers Want to Share With You

Monika Kritikou

As a professional photographer, I believe that all professionals involved in a wedding have some golden pieces of advice for the couple. And in some cases, we all need a reminder of them! But the good thing is that experience is empowering us with a lot of skills. I am a fan of good communication prior to the wedding day and I believe that not only it can solve potentially negative situations, but it can also act proactively.

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Dreaming of your wedding in Greece? Let's plan it together amongst all the summer blooms! 😍 Would you tie the knot at this romantic outdoor wedding? . . . . Venue: @Ktima48 Catering: @truecateringservices DJ / Sound / Lights: @partymobileservices Photographer: @fiorello Bridesmaids dresses: Ira Limniotaki Bride’s shoes: @ballinitalianshoes Groom’s shoes & suit: @boss Brides jewelry: @korloffparisofficial and @brownsjewelers Planning, styling and decoration: @rockpaperscissorsevents . . . . #weddingplanners #destinationweddings #destinationweddingplanner #weddingingreece #rpsevents #rusticweddingdecor #creativewedding #countrywedding #rusticweddings #smpweddings #stylemepretty #justsaidyes #rusticdecoration #weddinginspo #weddinginspiration #Bridalinspo #bridegoals #wedspiration #romanticwedding #weddingflorals #outdoorwedding #weddingtime #modernwedding #tablescape #placesetting #weddingreception #weddingreceptiondecor

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This is the reason I make sure to get to know the bride and groom to be months before their beautiful wedding day. Plus, I always get in touch with the wedding planner, to make sure I am in the information loop and discuss schedule, and other colleagues that I know I will be closely working with on that day, i.e. the film-maker. My motto is that we are all working toward the same goal: to give the happy couple one of the best experiences they can have. Communication is the key!

Photos by from this Elegant French Rusting wedding in Athens Riviera.

Secrets Wedding Photographers Want to Share With You

ak3fotografia Studio

What drives us a little crazy -but at the same time makes us very creative – on the wedding day is the couple’s anxiety. However, this “madness” provides us the most spontaneous, strong and emotional clicks. Our advice would be to just act as you feel, trust your professional photographers and finally, this special day will take value over the years.

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A blooming arch and blue skies is all you need for exchanging your vows with your favorite person in the world. . . Our dear vendors: Venue: @islandathensriviera Catering: @ariafinecatering Photo & Video: @ak3fotografia Lights and Sound: @loudandcleargr Furniture Rentals: @stylebox_rentals Flatware Rentals: @white_lilac_rentals Prosecco Bar: @bubblecouplegr Invitations: @atelier_invitations Bride’s Jewellery: @tiffanyandco Wedding dress: @bboutiquegr Bride’s shoes: @louboutinworld Bridesmaids’ dresses: @monsoon Groom’s wear: @hugoboss_home Groom’s shoes: @loakeshoemakers Makeup: @theoni_stravokefalou Hair: @miroirbythalia. . . #athensriviera #island #greece #copper #marble #weddingingreece #greecewedding #destinationwedding #bride #groom #beach #rpsevents #eventplanner #eventdecor #destinationplanner #tabledecor #wedding #weddingevent #flatware #tableware #mykonos #santorini #athens #arch #bluesky #vows #groom #bride #ceremony

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Your wedding day is just like a puzzle. Every professional involved in this day is a piece that should match perfectly with the others and conclude in the finest result. Just choose the best professionals and let them complete your puzzle!

Photos by from this Luxury Destination Wedding in Greece.

Secrets Wedding Photographers Want to Share With You

Nikos Gogas

What drives my creativity at weddings are the people. Is the reason that I am working as a portrait and people’s photographer. It’s the magical unique moment during the photo session that I am losing the world around me and feel like everything happens only in the picture that I can see through my camera. My advice would be for the couple to enjoy this unique experience with all their heart.

Photos by from this Chic Wedding in Amalfi.

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Sì, voglio stare con te per sempre! When in Italy, express your love like an Italian. If you want to get married in Italy have a look at this intimate wedding in Amalfi Coast: . . . Photographer: @nikosgogas Invitation and printables: @atelier_invitations Venue: Grand Hotel Il Saraceno Planning, Design and Decoration: @rockpaperscissorsevents Flatware: @white_lilac_rentals Bride’s shoes: @Sophiawebster Groom’s shoes: @Givenchyofficial Bride’s dress: Sartorial Craftsmanship, hand stitched Groom’s suit: Sartorial Craftsmanship, hand stitched Makeup artist: Kriss Barone . . . . #amalficoastwedding #amalficoastitaly #amalfi #weddinginitaly #italywedding #rpsevents #bridalinspo #shesaidyes #weddingdecorations #weddingexperts #weddingwire #weddingplanner #destinationwedding #destinationplanner #justmarried #perfectviews #weddingceremony #smpweddings #weddinginspiration #instaweddings #weddinggoals #couplesgoals

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Secrets Wedding Photographers Want to Share With You
Elegant Greek Destination Wedding Featured in Festival Brides

Elegant Greek Destination Wedding Featured in Festival Brides

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Festival Brides

The best way to start a new day is to smile. And today we have a great reason to be happy. One of the most elegant destination weddings that we have planned and organized in Greece, is featured in Festival Brides. April was so nice to us! The good news keeps coming effortlessly! If this isn’t a great way to open the new wedding season, we don’t know what would be. More luxury weddings are ahead and we can’t wait to share them with you during the summer.

Elegant Greek Destination Wedding Featured in Festival Brides

Island Dreams

Lexi and Olly’s elegant boho greek folk wedding

As seen in Festival Brides:

Good morning babes, and welcome to another beautiful real wedding treat here on the blog today. This wedding is for all you free-spirited Goddesses that picture a wedding with blue skies, bursting sunshine and a Mediterranean view to die for! Lexi and Olly held their wedding on the island of Antiparos in Greece, at her brother’s family home. The pair worked closely with Greek wedding planners Rock Paper Scissors to achieve their elegant, traditional folk-inspired island wedding last summer.

Traditional Greek features and colour schemes (think nautical shades of blues and white) formed the basis of the decor, complimented by hanging fruits, foliage, olive branches and herbs….

We wanted to keep the decor very elegant and natural with elements of naivety and Greek folk tradition. The flowers were all white and green with island herbs and foliage mixed in, and the dinnerware was blue and white.

Dressed in the most gorgeous fabrics and bohemian lace, the bridal party took the day by storm in the most dreamy gowns. Lexi took inspiration from her Greek roots (she’s half Greek!) to accessorise her Inbal Dror dress – she wore ancient Greek-inspired jewelry and a bespoke gold leaf crown whilst her maids followed her, draped in traditional Greek Goddess style dresses.

We are totally in love with the photography style of this collection, mastered by Yann from Life Stories….

Yann Audic was fantastic! Both Olly and I hate really staged photos and love the natural look – Yann is a master at this!

We’ve included some of the pre-wedding beach disco shots too. We wish we were there for this epic pool party – it looks SO much fun! Here’s pretty bride Lexi to fill you in on all the details. Read more

Elegant Greek Destination Wedding Featured in Festival Brides

Traditional Greek Wedding at Family Home

Bride: I’m half Greek, so I always wanted to get married in Greece. We were married in Antiparos at my brother’s house. We wanted to make a holiday out of it for our guests travelling a long way! Also, Antiparos is only one of two islands which you can legally get married in your own home.

We had many Greek elements including the traditional Greek folk band procession playing for my bridal entrance and Tamata favours (a religious votive offering, depicting hearts and Greek wedding crowns). I also had Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of love, symbols of love and fertility (doves, myrtle flowers, shells, pomegranates and wheat sheafs) hand embroidered on to my veil by the incredibly talented Daisy Sheldon. Read more…

Elegant Greek Destination Wedding Featured in Festival Brides

Beautiful Arched Ceremony

The ceremony on the roof was conducted under a beautiful flower arch overlooking the sea. We had a mix of readings, sage smudging blessings and the official legal signings. It is traditional on the islands for the bride to be accompanied to the church by a traditional Greek band.

Elegant Greek Destination Wedding Featured in Festival BridesAll food was designed to encapsulate Greek island tradition with strong greek flavors and modern elegance. Barbarossa Paros (the best fish restaurant on the island) catered all the food and it was amazing! Greek mezze, lots of fresh fish and seafood with herbs and big bowls of fresh salads. We really wanted to keep the feeling of our own big family dinners – the waiters served everything French style on big platters which allowed people to pick and choose what they wanted to eat at the table.  Read more…

Elegant Greek Destination Wedding Featured in Festival Brides

Luxury Destination Wedding in Greece by Rock Paper Scissors Events

Luxury Destination Weddings in Greece

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Redefine Luxury Destination Weddings

Imagine having your wedding next to the Aegean seaside in Greece, surrounded by your closest friends and family. More and more couples plan their wedding ahead and invest in a tailor-made luxury wedding in Greece. From Intimate Weddings to Luxury Weddings, we are the Event Planners that can offer you a personalized, stylish, tailor-made wedding experience. We provide all-inclusive Wedding, Reception, Planning services in Greece and Europe for more than 8 years.

No matter if you are planning an intimate celebration on your backyard or if you are dreaming an outdoor glamorous & luxury wedding on a Greek island. RPS Events team will assist you by creating & organizing your unforgettable wedding day seamlessly so you can enjoy every moment of your wedding. Feel safe and lay back, because luxury weddings are our expertise.

Greece is the perfect choice to organize your destination wedding and have the time of your life. Athens and all the Greek Islands are magical wedding locations all year long. Popup the question and Rock Paper Scissors team will plan your dream destination wedding in Greece.

Luxury Destination Wedding in Crete by Rock Paper Scissors Events in Greece

Crete is definitely a romantic destination

Elaina was definitely one of our most delicate and fancy brides. So elegant in her manners though completely aware of the style she was going for, she didn’t settle for anything but the best for her wedding day. She wanted an organic and elegant feeling and we tried to embrace the magnificent Cretan surroundings and incorporate the absolutely stunning views to our concept. Elaina and Anis are a couple truly in love and along with their families and friends they got one great night of celebration and many more afterward in the Greek islands.


Bride’s words reveal the magic of true love:

“Living in New York City you meet a lot of people, but chances are those people never seem to quite catch your eye – with Anis things were different. From our first meeting, things went fast, there was an instant attraction. It wasn’t about going out to a bar, or fancy dinners, it was about adventure, excursions and getting to know each other. I took a chance and decided to join him on a work trip to LA. I thought if we get along traveling so soon in our relationship it was something worth investing in. I was right. From then on out we spent every minute together. After we got engaged we knew we didn’t want to wait to get married. So six months to the day of our engagement we said I do.”

Photography & videographyAnna Roussos

A Jackie Kennedy Mood Wedding in Greece

The island of Meganisi is located just between Lefkada and the western mainland coasts of Greece. Right opposite from the well-known island of Skorpios, the idyllic Greek island where Aristotle Onassis married Jackie Kennedy. Meganisi is an island with few population and limited tourist development but with lush greenery and blue-green waters. Some beaches can be reached on foot and others are accessible only by boat. There is no bus on this small island of the Ionian Sea and all transport has to be done by foot or private means, like boat or motorbike.

This lovely island is where the parents of the groom are originated and the location our couple chose for their chic minimalist yet boho island wedding. Certainly, for a wedding planner, organizing a big wedding on a tiny island was a challenge in and of itself.

Our most difficult moment was figuring out how a small, typical Greek taverna could accommodate properly so many people and keep an authentic character yet elegant and unique: By taking things back to the basics, or more precisely by sophisticated simplicity. We wanted to create a simple and soft look so we used classic color combinations like brown, gold and green. We added wildflowers, mixed textures and traditionally inspired elements for a shameless boho vibe that this location would never forgive us if we didn’t.

Words from our couple: “We met during our master’s studies at Harvard Business School. We didn’t date there but friends and life moved us both to the same city we began dating while working in San Francisco in 2013. We chose to get married on the island of Meganisi. Meganisi is important to both of us because we’ve spent every summer of our relationship there. Peter’s Maternal grandparents were born on Meganisi and he’s spent every summer of his upbringing visiting the island and specifically the village of Spartochori.”

Photographer: @eliaskordelakos

Elegant destination wedding at Meganisi by Rock Paper Scissors Events in Greece

Destination Wedding in Andros

Words from our bride: “Rock Paper Scissors Events made our dream come true! Our wedding was magical, spectacular and unique. The team’s professionalism and passion created a night to remember. All our guests were quite amazed by the wedding’s setting, decoration, food/bar catering & music/lighting. For that we are grateful and we truly thank Rock Paper Scissors’ girls for their passion and enthusiasm in assisting us and making our wedding day unforgettable!!”

This destination wedding on the island of Andros will steal your heart and make you want to explore more of this island’s unique beauty and history. Bride’s origin from the island called for a ceremony on the monastery of Agia Eirini and then the dinner party at their house in the picturesque village of Stenies.

We immediately fell in love with the breathtaking view both to the sea and to green covered mountains. This is why we went for a modern rustic theme full of vibrant colors matching the surroundings and the stone built house. We created custom made wooden pergolas with olive branches and kumquat, green charger plates and ceramic pots hosted our vibrant and colorful blooms with a mix of coral peonies, spray and garden roses, dahlias, zinnia, stock and waxflower. 2.000 candles and lots and lots of fairy and bulb lights lit this stunning mansion and surrounded guests with an ambient feeling. Our dessert table was filled with traditional Andrean desserts and mouthful savories from The cakers.

Photographer: Antonis Georgiadis 

Destination Wedding in Andros by Rock Paper Scissors Events in Greece

Destination Weddings in Greece

It may look easy to coordinate a destination wedding until it’s your wedding.

A destination wedding often involves plenty of preparations. We admit that finding your wedding theme is the first step, but what about the rest? Planning ahead and organize invitations, finding the perfect wedding gown, groom’s attire, vendors, venue, make arrangements for guests, menu, floral decorations, table set up and entertainment options for the celebration afterward. There is a huge list of details until the big day. See our top 10 Tips & Tricks for having a stress free destination wedding in Greece.

Deciding to choose Greece for your destination wedding is the best gift you can give to your loved ones. There are so many things to enjoy like a visit to Parthenon, a short trip on the nearby Greek islands, a tour to Greece’s Archaeological Museum and the list is endless. Make the most of your wedding in Greece with the support of a professional wedding planner.  Feel free to contact us!



10 Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks by Rock Paper Scissors Events in Greece

10 Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks

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Wedding Planning Tips

When planning your wedding, it’s good to have some guidance in order to avoid headaches and stressful situations. For more than 8 years we have planned and organized countless weddings, therefore you can rely on our experience. Here we have gathered our top tips & tricks to make a bride’s life easier. Brides gather around and check out our indispensable wedding planning tips below.

10 Wedding Planning Tips by Rock Paper Scissors Events

1 – Prepare an accurate guest list

Your guest list is the first step you need to follow for your wedding planning, right after setting the date! It’s truly important since this will define the budget to be spent onwards. It may sound impossible to draft and edit your guest list but is more than essential. Having a clean list from the very beginning, it will make easier to keep track on last-minute additions, follow-ups including RSVPs, menu arrangements, table setting and thank you notes.

Set your feet on the ground and be realistic with the numbers. We know, this isn’t the most pleasant part of any wedding preparations but budgets have limits. Your original budget will define your guest list count. Planning a wedding for 50 guests is totally different from organizing a wedding for 200 guests. Take under consideration that for each guest you add,  certain changes follow at:

  • the number of plates your caterer will prepare,
  • the number of favors,
  • the number of chair rentals & table set up,
  • the quantity of food and cake,
  • (in some cases) accommodation & transportation means
  • the venue capacity

Write down your guest list by placing at the top, your family members and your best friends. Leave some room for coworkers, neighbors or even your parent’s friends and some people that may have invited you to their wedding. In case you have to limit your guest list, then you will start from the bottom. If you are planning a destination wedding, these numbers will affect the final expenses.


2 – Find a venue that speaks to your heart

It is important to have a clear idea of the venue you’re looking for. Like if you wanted in a vineyard, on olive orchards, Cliffside, by the beach, in a castle or a hotel. This will, later on, define your wedding’s theme and decoration concept and design. Bear in mind, that location is relevant to local weather conditions. For example, an open wedding in a forest may hold some chilly surprises or even rain.

Before you book a wedding venue, consider speaking with a wedding planner. Wedding experts can provide solutions that will respect your vision and your budget. If you have your guest list ready (or almost ready), a wedding planner will suggest the best available options for your wedding day. Professionals know how to smooth the stress and permit to soon to be married couples to stay true to their themselves without compromising in quality.


3 – Think of your guests

It’s a fact that you won’t be able to please everyone but at least try to be thoughtful while choosing your venue or ceremony location by ticking off boxes like nearby hotels, transportation, venue proximity. Also, your guests are the ones you’re honoring by creating this party, thus you need to take care of them with respect to choosing your menu and drinks. If you’re inviting out-of-town guests or having a destination wedding, consider looking for a venue close to a hotel.

10 Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks by Rock Paper Scissors Events in Greece

4 – Do not negotiate on small things

Ok, it’s always a good idea to negotiate and try to make savings for more but think twice of the amount you’re negotiating for. It’s different to negotiate a few euros for your invitation and a few thousand on drinks and menu. Prioritize on what’s really important.  Make clever choices if you want to have the wedding of your dreams. It’s essential to be prepared for any surprise expenses like additional tailoring needs or a new pair of bridal shoes.

A wedding needs an enormous amount of tiny details to become unforgettable. To keep a balance between things that must-have and those that can be skipped, you will need a checklist. For example, there is no wedding without a wedding gown or a groom’s attire, right? But you can have a wedding with fewer guests or different kind of wedding invitations or without a live music band or even with seasonal flowers. Have a heart to heart discussion with your better half and your wedding planner, in order to set some limits on what is negotiable.


5 – Know how to read between the lines on Pinterest photos

It’s only normal that Pinterest is every bride’s go to. On the other hand, this can be truly overwhelming since it can really mix you up if you can’t really know what is it truly that you like in a photo. Also, bear in mind that many photos are not an outcome of a real wedding but perhaps of a styled shoot so the details you see could also be distorted also with the photographer’s touch.

It’s a good idea to Pin what you like on your special wedding board. If you add little notes for specific details on each pin, this will guide you on what you really love at each image. Maybe you are attracted to soft shades of coral or you love blue shades.  Pinterest can help you build a mood board for your personal style. This will guide you as you move forward to pick up the best combinations for your dream wedding.

After some time, you should better delete Pins that no longer suit you. When you will have a clear picture of your final vision, then start looking for the vendors behind each wedding. Most importantly, discover which wedding planner is closer to your wedding style. As soon as you find the ideal wedding designer & planner, then everything will come in place. Pinterest is perfect to set a general mood and define what works best for you. And it works as a starting point for the creation of your unique wedding theme.



Rock Paper Scissors Events in Greece Pinterest

6 – Plan ahead and use a time plan

Take your time. Don’t start last minute so you don’t get stressed. Prepare a to-do list that you can fill in with every detail that comes to mind. Set dates on when you should add to do what.

7 – Write down your “Cant’ live without’s”

Remind yourself what’s truly important. Let your creativity flow but on the other hand, we bet your budget is not endless. So remind yourself during the process what are your “can’t live withouts? Great food? Amazing view? Unique wedding dress?

8 – Eliminate ideas

Don’t get caught up in perfection. Prioritize! And keep it simple. As we said already since your budget is not endless, in your initial mood board scrap out ideas that perhaps were not meant to be for your venue or if you’re not going for this rustic theme, after all.

10 Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks by Rock Paper Scissors Events in Greece

9 – Don’t make this all about you

Be present. Be a team with everyone in the process and enjoy time with everyone involved. It’s one of those rare moments to enjoy with your party girls while trying on several bridal gowns. Your rare moments to involve your mom and trust her taste and those organizational skills. To hug your dad as often as you can since soon you won’t be his little girl anymore. Last but not least, enjoy those creative mornings with your hubby to be and see for once again how much you are aligned but also feel free to quarrel on little things. Your skills to manage these small “hiccups” will be needed in your married life.


10 – Get yourself a wedding planner!

Why? To make your wedding more fun, stress-free and get to enjoy all the fun appointments such as Food tasting, venue tours, cake tasting, flower sampling and the like so it does not have to be all business. Also for you to be able to be relaxed and focused when your big day arrives and be present and enjoy every little moment.

It is no secret, that a wedding planner, will keep everything on track and deal with all the tiring tasks behind the scenes. Will stand by your side and protect you from any unnecessary expenses. Also, they can coordinate the wedding preparation, the wedding day and the wedding celebrations while you enjoy a full body beauty spa week.

One Bonus Tip

Never forget that you will need time. With the help of your wedding planner, create a wedding planning schedule and do things one by one. This will save you time, money and energy. It would be wise not to book any vendors before you find your own wedding designer & planner.

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Life is better with a wedding planner! If you don't believe us then go and see our portfolio gallery! . . . Photographer: Custodio Photographers Videographer: @vasilis_kallinteris Catering: @ariafinecatering Furniture rentals: @zazoo_event_rentals Flatware rentals: @white_lilac_rentals Flowers: @pavlos_the_flower_workshop Kids entertainment: @wecandoit_for_kids_only Wedding Planner: @rockpaperscissorsevents Venue: @island_artandtaste Sound and Lights: @loudandcleargr Live entertainment: @doubledotagency Hair and Makeup: @georgemarascas Invitations: @minted Bride’s Dress: @pronovias Bride’s shoes: @schutz Bridal jewelry: @tiffanyandco Groom’s Attire: @tomjamesclothing . . . #seasidewedding #weddingseason #rpsevents #weddingplanner #eventplanner #destinationplanner #destinationwedding #weddingingreece #greecewedding #weddingincrete #athenswedding #BrideToBe #MisstoMrs #GettingMarried #SheSaidYes #WeddingInspiration #WeddingPlanning #WeddingCoordinator #WeddingDesigner #LuxuryWeddings #BackyardWedding #OutdoorWedding #smpweddings #realweddings #bride #groom

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And the good things keep coming. We are so thrilled to have on our side. This means that more valuable tips are available to all our brides. Visit their website and gain more knowledge on how to plan a stress-free wedding.


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Win a Free Wedding Planning Consultation with Rock Paper Scissors Events

Win a Free Wedding Planning Consultation

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We have a Winner!

Congratulations Mina Theochari! You have been crowned our Giveaway’s winner!

You won a free 2-hours wedding planning consulting session with our wedding experts team. Rock Paper Scissors Events team is so excited and wish to thank all entrants! Thanks to all of you, our “Women’s Day Giveaway” was a success!

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Congratulations Mina Theochari! You have been crowned our Giveaway's winner!

Congratulations Mina Theochari! You have been crowned our Giveaway’s winner!

Women’s Day Giveaway

Win a free wedding planning consultation with our team as a gift for Women’s Day!

Enter and win 2 hours of free consultation via Skype or phone meeting with our wedding experts. We want to share with you our expertise at wedding planning. All you have to do is to join our mailing list and share this Giveaway with your friends at social media.


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Rock Paper Scissors Events Giveaway March 2019


Rock Paper Scissors Events Giveaway March 2019

Why we support Brides-to-be?

Part of our values in our company is focused on the empowerment of women. Being a Wedding Planning Agency for more than 8 years, we interact mainly with women. It is in our understanding women do so many things for their closed ones and wear plenty of hats in their life. They are mothers, wives, sisters, businesswomen, daughters, best friends, care providers, lovers, entrepreneurs and so much more…  Women’s Day is a celebration for women’s rights and freedom. Therefore it’s our duty to honor our own gender.

Brides-to-be are superheroes dressed in wedding gowns. Only if you have planned your wedding you can comprehend the tremendous pressure a woman has to endure in order to have the wedding of her dreams. Has to satisfy two completely different families, while she keeps so many balls in the air! We wish to provide a break from this challenging process with our Giveaway: 2 hours of free consultation.

Rock Paper Scissors Events Giveaway March 2019

About Women’s Day Celebration

International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8 every year. It is a focal point in the movement for women’s rights.

After the Socialist Party of America organized a Women’s Day on February 28, 1909, in New York, the 1910 International Socialist Woman’s Conference suggested a Women’s Day be held annually. After women gained suffrage in Soviet Russia in 1917, March 8 became a national holiday there. The day was then predominantly celebrated by the socialist movement until it was adopted in 1975 by the United Nations.

Today, International Women’s Day is a public holiday in some countries and largely ignored elsewhere. In some places, it is a day of protest; in others, it is a day that celebrates womanhood. Learn more here…

It is worth to mention that in Italy, to celebrate the day, men give yellow mimosas to women. Communist politician Teresa Mattei chose the mimosa in 1946 as the symbol of IWD in Italy because she felt that the French symbols of the day, violets and lily-of-the-valley, were too expensive to be used effectively in Italy.

In the United States, actress and human rights activist Beata Pozniak worked with the Mayor of Los Angeles and the Governor of California to lobby members of the U.S. Congress to propose official recognition of the holiday. In February 1994, H. J. Res. 316 was introduced by Rep. Maxine Waters, along with 79 cosponsors, in an attempt to officially recognize March 8 of that year as International Women’s Day. The bill was subsequently referred to, and remained in, the House Committee on Post Office and Civil Service.

As of 2019, International Women’s Day will also be celebrated as a public holiday in the city of Berlin, Germany.

Rock Paper Scissors Events Giveaway March 2019

Terms and Conditions:  This Giveaway starts on 1st March 2019 and ends on 8th March 2019 at midnight. The winner will be selected randomly and will be announced on 9th March 2018 at 13:00, within our social media channels and website.

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Happy Women's Day