A summer treat from RPS and Hermina Athens to you, with love

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It’s in the most challenging of times that one should stop, take a deep breath and remember the things they’re most grateful for having in their lives, now more than ever. That’s what we did the other day, we sat down and made a list of them. Other than the obvious -family, friends, good health- we highlighted two of the things we’re most lucky to enjoy right now:

For years, we’ve been having the joy and privilege to work with Greek lifestyle brands that stand out by creating products that are more than objects, they are experiences. So, we thought that it is high time we introduce them to you. This way we’ll get you acquainted with the unique aesthetic of modern Greek designers and provide you with a small but precious piece of Greece to have with you at any given time, even when far away from here.

Without further ado, let us introduce you to the amazing jewellery brand of an equally amazing Greek designer, very dear to our hearts: Hermina Athens.

With their own words:

Hermina is a selection of timeless pieces influenced by a rich heritage rooted in Greek mythology and art. The elements of asymmetry, roughness and appreciation of tradition give birth to unique jewellery leading the mind to a journey adorned with the sights and sounds of Greek summer life. With a deep love and respect for the beauty of the imperfect, to which we all owe our uniqueness, we create small treasures to be passed on from mothers to daughters, from elders to youngers.

Rock Paper Scissors has secured for you a 15% off for every purchase you make from Hermina Athens, just by using the discount code RPS15.

Now you can kick off the summer with a little treat from us. Enjoy!

Luxury Wedding Planners in Greece

Awarded Luxury Wedding Planners in Greece

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Wedding Planners in Greece

We have been awarded as one of the top three Wedding Planners in Greece. We undertake any kind of social or corporate event. Our specialization in the design of originally themed propositions that reflect your own (or your product’s) unique characteristics, style, personality and obsession with detail, means that there will never be any compromises on the agreed concept. We bring together the key ingredients (rock, paper and scissors) to achieve a truly fantastic result!

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Thank you, everyone! We are so touched by your love and support all these years! This award has filled our hearts with happiness. We were awarded as one of the three most acknowledged wedding planners in Greece. It was a great honor to get the award from the hands of @joyproctor! . . . We are thankful to all the vendors that granted us this award and we promise to surprise all of you with more exciting weddings and events. Congratulations to the #weddingcircle2019 team for one more successful event! Bravo @weddingcircle, you ROCK! . . . Videographer: @panagiotis_kastanidis #mavawards #weddingplanners #eventplanners #weddingplanning #eventplanner #eventplanning #athens #greece #ilovemyjob #inspiration #thankful #instagood #inspiration #topweddingplanners #rpsevents

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Anybody can launch an event… or so they say.

Because only our level of expertise, experience and excellent project management can ensure that your dream scenario has exactly the “look and feel” that you wanted, saving you precious time and money.

We are here for those who have limited time, who are not willing to stress over finding a fresh and creative idea for their event. We are here for those who wish to have the party of their dreams and enjoy it to the full!

Let us iron out all the little details, let us take care of business!

We will be there from the start – the creative process behind selecting the right concept, the time planning and the correct combination from our portfolio of partners – until the very day, when we will ensure that everything goes according to plan. Our services are not a luxury, especially considering a social event like your marriage or the baptism of your child.

From our very first meeting, rest assured that the value of our services will be obvious.

See for yourselves!

Luxury Wedding Planners in Greece

Why Us?

Especially on the subject of a wedding, a commonly expressed doubt is: “why do I really need a wedding planner?” It is a simple question and it can be answered with a simple…question. Each wedding is a once in a lifetime event and therefore an extremely important occasion, so why distract yourself from enjoying it, by trying to do it all by yourself?

Yes, you can hire professionals to take care of the photos and the flowers, the invitations and the decorations, the catering and so on, but what about a professional who will help you with the organization and coordination of all those together?


The Truth about Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is a full-time 8 hour job and it has been calculated that at least 200 to 250 man-hours go into each one in total. This means a lot of weekends and free time off your weekday’s personal time! A bride-to-be will have to spend at least 11 hours a week just to try and organize everything for the big day! That is half a day, each week, for weeks on end! Trusting us, allows you to cut out the hard work and just enjoy the process!

We will be there not only as a helping hand with the organization and coordination but will relieve you from this time-chase to get right even the minimal detail.

Many believe that the cost of a wedding planner can be prohibitory. Far from it, contacting an experienced professional is the only surefire way to remain on budget, for whichever kind of business. A wedding is no different. We will use our portfolio of contacts, our wealth of experience and advise you, help you negotiate better deals and treat your budget as if our own, to ensure that you not only enjoy a beautiful occasion, but also avoid overspending. We ensure you will get full value for each one of your euro!

Fact: 80% of our customers do not live in Greece.

So we can understand the stress and anxiety for you of organizing a destination wedding. We are there for you through all means (Fb, viber, whatsapp, skype,  you name it) so to ensure that you can reach us within 24 hours and always feel of course that you are in the experts’ hands.

You have spent months putting it all together and we will be the watchful eye to ensure all goes smoothly when you will be busy at the altar.

RPS Events Services

Our event planning is ideal for any kind of uniquely-themed private or corporate events, like:

  • Weddings/Baptisms
  • Product/service launch parties
  • Corporate dinners /parties
  • Press conferences & seminars

We take care of all aspects that set a successful event apart.


  • Event budgeting and action planning
  • Location finding and contract negotiating
  • Themed custom invitations & other special features
  • Image and sound
  • Catering
  • Travelling arrangements (to and from location)
  • On site event day management



Luxury Wedding Planners in Greece
Luxury Wedding Planners in Greece
Luxury Wedding Planners in Greece

It was a privilege for us to design this outstanding wedding photoshoot at the Abaton Island Resort & Spa, in Crete.

Venue: @abatonisland
Concept Design & Styling: @rockpaperscissorsevents
Production & Styling: @itsamansclass
Photographer: @thanosasfis
Videographer: @konstantinos_kastanakis
Florals: @pavlos_the_flower_workshop
Makeup & Hair: @theocharismakeup
Stationary: @loveme_do
Flat wear: @white_lilac_rentals
Cake: @thecakersgr
Wedding Dresses: @victoriakyriakides
Bridal shoes: Jimmy Choo by Kalogirou @kalogirou_stores
Groom’s attire: @takisgiannetos
Groom’s shirt: @christakis_athens
Groom’s Shoes: @kwnstantinosshoes
Groom’s watch: @longines
Lingerie: @hankypankyltd @maisonlejaby @bisbigli_store  @macheriestores