The Costa Navarino Experience: Three days in a Mediterranean paradise

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A good surprise is always welcome but even more so during unprecedented times and in the midst of a challenging summer. That’s why when Katerina Karipides, Senior Groups & Events Sales Manager at Costa Navarino, invited us to spend three days away from everything in a prime Mediterranean destination for a Wedding Experience Trip, well, our eyes filled with stars!
This initiative from the Costa Navarino team was a truly fantastic move on their part. Despite everything going on, they threw a spectacular 3-day getaway for us wedding planning professionals and gave us the rare opportunity to personally experience the premises and premium services of one of the most unspoiled and breathtaking seaside Mediterranean landscapes, an area that has been shaped by 4,500 years of history.
It was late noon when we arrived at the oasis that is the Westin Resort Costa Navarino, where later that evening we enjoyed a lovely welcome dinner at The Dunes Golf Club: Classic and signature cuts, complemented by the freshest ingredients from carefully selected small-scale producers in the surrounding area.
For the next two days, we treated ourselves to lushious breakfasts at Morias Restaurant, quality leisure time in between the glorious beach and the verdant olive groves that surround the luxury villas, a great lunch at Barbouni restaurant by the Navarino Dunes Beach and a glorious dinner at Da Luigi Restaurant in the Agora, where the chef mastered all the creativity and diversity of Italian cuisine, from the Alps to Sicily. Hey, it’s not a vacation without plenty of excellent food!
During our stay there, we got to know Costa Navarino for what it is, as far as our work is concerned: A place like no other, with unparalleled venues for wedding ceremonies and receptions, that provide the precious gift of Greek hospitality for every kind of guest: from the company of friends, to the couples and the families. An Award Winning Luxury Holiday Destination in an enchanting seaside location, that features an exceptional range of deluxe rooms, as well as a wide array of leisure and entertainment choices for children and adults alike.
Most importantly, we had the chance to take part in heartfelt and fruitful conversations with our fellow planners, discussing our thoughts, ideas, hopes and dreams for our field and making plans for the future -planning and designing is what we do best, after all!
It was three days spent in a piece of Mediterranean heaven, one you can find only in Greece, and we couldn’t be more thankful to our hostess and our colleagues for turning it into a one of a kind summer experience.
Let’s hope that this time next year, it will be us who’ ll be setting everything up in a magical place like this one, making sure that everything runs smoothly and your wedding is turning out exactly as you’d dreamed of. The wedding planner’s work never stops, only pauses to fill up with inspiration and positive energy. And if you are lucky enough, it will happen in Costa Navarino.
Valentine's Day is our Day - Rock Paper Scissors Wedding Planners in Greece

Valentine's Day is our Day

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Valentine’s Day

February is the month of Love! Valentine’s Day is here…  And love is our secret ingredient for making spectacular events in Greece. How come? Well, first comes love then comes wedding cake, right?

We are enjoying seeing so many love stories living their dream wedding in Greece. That’s the beauty of destination wedding planners, we meet the best love stories on earth. And Valentine’s Day could be officially named our day. It’s a new year and a new wedding season is about to start in a couple of weeks. Is there a better reason to celebrate love? Yes, we are hopelessly romantic but with a designer’s DNA in our blood.

Thank you, all of you, who trusted us for their special day in Greece. Let us show you a sneak peek of a wedding planner’s life … what we do when we are not making miracles happen in wedding design. We love our job, great coffee, desserts and everything in the between. Meaning? We love celebrations and parties!

This week we are excited for preparing our new weddings in the Greek Islands. So we decided to have a girl’s coffee break in one of the most beautiful spots in Athens, Ellyz Cafe. It so Valentine’s and we adore it. Can we keep these flower wall forever?

We love pretty cocktails and garnishes! We love strawberries, kisses and everything that reminds us of a good party filled with LOVE! ?

We are so blessed to live and work in Greece. It’s not only one of the top wedding destinations in the world but it has also amazing people and excellent places to enjoy life. Our dear friend & photographer Anna Roussos made these preset beauties we are using today. We are thankful (to the moon and back)!

Are you planning to have your wedding in Greece? We are the creative agency that will design and produce the wedding of your dreams right from scratch. Say “Yes I do” and we’ll do all the rest… and that’s a promise! Feel free to send us a message at our contact page.

We celebrate love as it is. Kind, extraordinary, in many colors, all genders, all expressions, never in cliche manners, always frank, funny, spontaneous. In black, in red, in pink. Grateful because we witness it all year around through your stories. So we have no question, just an affirmation ”You will always be our Valentine”. Cheers to you!

Greetings from our team
Helena, Paraskevi & Nefeli
Your next event designers in Greece

Valentine's Day is our Day - Rock Paper Scissors Wedding Planners in Greece
Valentine's Day is our Day - Rock Paper Scissors Wedding Planners in Greece
Valentine's Day is our Day - Rock Paper Scissors Wedding Planners in Greece
Valentine's Day is our Day - Rock Paper Scissors Wedding Planners in Greece
Valentine's Day is our Day - Rock Paper Scissors Wedding Planners in Greece
Valentine's Day is our Day - Rock Paper Scissors Wedding Planners in Greece
How to Set a Copper & Marble Table Decor for Your Event

How to Set a Copper & Marble Table Decor for your Event

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Copper & Marble Table Decor

If copper and marble accents speak to you, why not use them for a festive Easter set up? Can you imagine mastering a unique art de la table for your family and friends, a glass of wine and sampling your favorite Easter delights? Ok, it’s not the common concept, but we are here to keep things modern and crisp even on this time of the year!

Are you wondering how a copper & marble table decor would look like? Just marvelous! Trust us, we are wedding planners for more than 8 years and we’ve got this.

You see, sometimes the unexpected table styling could make a huge difference for your guests. Balance and complementary colors & materials tend to transform an edgy table decor into an elegant and stylish concept. Experienced professionals in event planning dare to try controversial decor ideas in order to create unique events for their clients.

This is what we do!

Before we start, we have to confess that marble is one of our favorite elements in table decor. Marble is a timeless design element that will never get dated or out of style. There is a sense of serenity and calmness in it and, when is mixed up with copper and wood, can be one of the supportive stars.

Set the Copper & Marble Table

Today we will see how to try this stylish copper & marble table decor for a festive dinner table and wow your guests. Let’s see how:

For starters, the color base of the main linen tablecloth should be white or off white or in soft grey-white. We recommend using a palette of white and grey tones on the plates for a clean and sophisticated look.

Sandy hues, turquoise pops and peachy pinks is a good idea for the napkins if you want to have a softer outcome. Feel comfortable to pair it with fine rose gold flatware and copper napkin rings. They complement the tablescape and create even more pattern with the, out of the ordinary, scene.

How to Set a Copper & Marble Table Decor by Rock Paper Scissors Events

Devil is in the details! Try to forget what mothers used to advice us for table setup. Dare to use modern glassware and combine different sizes or even different styles. There is nothing more astonishing than having different crystals on the table but within the same color palette. By keeping the art de la table objects under the same tones it makes it easier to look luxurious. Sous verres, sous plats and even platters for your Easter eggs are just a few ideas to incorporate it into your tabletop’s pieces.

How to Set a Copper & Marble Table Decor by Rock Paper Scissors Events

In case you are expecting some new members for your dinner table, it’s a good idea to add a printed menu of what is about to be served. Some people are quite sensitive to specific tastes & flavors. Avoid awkward moments and keep some neutral recipes as a must-haves in your menu. Mix & max traditional plates with some new age vegetarian-friendly suggestions. Take our word for this one, everyone will adore your menu!

How to Set a Copper & Marble Table Decor by Rock Paper Scissors Events

Hey! Remember, some family and friends need a drink or two before the food starts. Be ready and organize a corner for spirit lovers. Prefer to be near the porch door, for those friends that can’t live without a smoke. Sinners, sin and smokers, smoke… what to do? We love them, both!

Last but not least are flowers. Add flowers everywhere around the house. An event should satisfy all the senses. Flowers are destinated to beautify our lives and are the hostess’s best friend.  The geometric and modern centerpieces mixing up with springtime flowers, will transfuse the playful touch and help tie the whole look together.

Frequently Ask Questions about Cooper & Marble Table Decor

Can I use a dark grey tone for the tablecloth?

Imagine having white porcelain on top of a dark grey tablecloth. It’s too strong for the eye and extremely difficult to balance it with the copper elements. If you already have a dark grey tablecloth, you can add a white layer of a seethrough tablecloth and soften the general impression. Keep in mind the tablecloths are the most distinguished element on the table, due to its dimensions/size. It covers the whole table!

Can I add traditional Easter red eggs?

Off course you can! You can add any color of eggs. After all, it’s Easter, right? Have you ever tried to offer Easter eggs into a copper basket, filled with flowers? Have a look at this idea:

How to Set a Copper & Marble Table Decor by Rock Paper Scissors Events

Have you ever tried Copper & Marble table decor in an event?

Yes, we have tried Copper & Marble table decor in a wedding event. Although guests were way more than 12 people, the result was breathtaking. The more the merrier! Be our guest and see it with your own eyes in this Modern Elegant Wedding.

Who are the vendors used in this table decor theme?

Thank you for asking that! Our dear vendors are:

Venue: @islandathensriviera
Catering: @ariafinecatering
Photo & Video: @ak3fotografia
Lights and Sound: @loudandcleargr
Furniture Rentals: @stylebox_rentals
Flatware Rentals: @white_lilac_rentals
Prosecco Bar: @bubblecouplegr
Invitations: @atelier_invitations
Bride’s Jewellery: @tiffanyandco
Wedding dress: @bboutiquegr
Bride’s shoes: @louboutinworld
Bridesmaids’ dresses: @monsoon
Groom’s wear: @hugoboss_home
Groom’s shoes: @loakeshoemakers
Makeup: @theoni_stravokefalou
Hair: @miroirbythalia
Wedding planning: @rockpaperscissorsevents

This year I will host an extremely large family event. Can I hire your services?

We will be thrilled to provide you our event planning services. Let’s talk and find an opening in our calendar. If dates are convenient for both sides, then we can plan your next event in Greece. Visit our contact page and send us a private message there!

How to Set a Copper & Marble Table Decor for your Event