The Newtons Lab, 3 Years Party

Whether your firm is a multinational corporation, a mid-sized company or a small business, a corporate anniversary party is a great event opportunity for employees and partners.

It is also a great time to share your values, your achievements and your vision for the future.

So it was a true pleasure for us when THE NEWTONS lab agency entrusted as their 3 years anniversary party. Party took place in their super modern offices where we got to transform their pool table into a lush buffet and of course with the help of Bar Academy we had a strong action in the bar area too!

Photobooth was a must as well as caramelized apples, Newton’s favorites after all. We even had a traditional “koulouri” cart outside the venue, a true late snack for every party animal!

Happy birthday and to many more to come!

Always thankful for our dear vendors:

Bar catering: Bar Academy 
Photobooth: Snapbox