Minimal & Industrial wedding in Nafplio


Wedding in Nafplio

Read the beautiful story of this Minimal & Industrial Wedding in Nafplio

if you are planning to have a winter wedding. Magic alert ahead!

Words from our bride: “Pantelis and I met through his sister a summer afternoon. I was visiting her for coffee at their house. As a genuine male he tried to pursue me, even though I wasn’t quite sure in the beginning. His manners and gestures dazzled me and one year later we decided to move in together. The wedding proposal came as natural as it could possibly be, in the middle of a dinner. No… we didn’t had candles. No… we also did not have any kneeling… Just an honest confession of the heart, that we needed each other and loved deeply one another. Yes we had happy tears and all these emotions that come to mind when you realize how happy you are in your life with that one person.

Minimal & Industrial Wedding in Nafplio

We knew from the beginning that the wedding would be held in Nafplio and the historical church of Panagia situated in Syntagma square was our immediate YES. As for the reception venue, we had set our eyes on “Fougaro” from the very start and the dynamic of the overall setting made it impossible for us to check anything else! The time and place was arranged but still there was something important missing. We both work in Santorini 8 months straight so we had to find someone creative enough to take over all the preparations needed, cause I didn’t have time to do anything more than the wedding dress appointments.

We were very lucky as our best man recently visited a wedding where the RPS team were in charge of the planning and he informed us of the amazing and in detail perfect outcome they had, so it was the ideal choice for us to have somebody to take over the wedding planning. We were going to get married on 9th December, just 16 days before Christmas so the theme would definitely be Christmasy but we needed a twist to give character to the theme. We went for copper combined with green and white flowers. My personal advice, as far as the decoration is concerned, is to let the experts give you ideas and let them be as creative as possible. No matter what you might have seen on Pinterest or elsewhere, they have an amazing way to make the combo of your desire. That’s why they are considered professionals. I was so happy to be grouped with all these amazing people from my amazing wedding dress designer to the photographer and videographer and of course my crazy MUA.

Trust your Instinct and your wedding planner!

Bottom line, trust your instinct and choose the pros that inspire you, make you calm and are as helpful as possible cause at the end of the day the brides need to be satisfied and the grooms at ease”. Fougaro is one of our dear venues in Nafplion and definitely laid the perfect palette for this minimal and industrial wedding theme. We had so much fun and good times with the team that worked with us on the day and made us realise the couple’s vision. Thank you all!

Venue & Catering: Fougaro Artcenter
Photographer: George Pahountis
Videographer: Jim Grillas filmmaker
Invitations: Προσκλητήρια Atelier Invitations
Desserts: Maria’s Cakes and Cookies
Signage: The Letter Co.
Hair and makeup: Georgia Xristodoulou
Wedding dress: Kathy Heyndels
Bride’s shoes: @DuneShoes
Groom’s suit: Christakis – Χριστάκης
Groom’s shoes: @Boss
Wedding Planning, Styling: RockPaperScissors