Geometric baptism in pastel blue colors

We love creating themes that are unique and timeless like this geometric in pastel blue colors.

Organizing for a micro wedding has definitely its perks. First and foremost it creates more room in your budget. This way you can go more lush in your tablescape and floral decisions. You can upgrade your menu and even go for those dream shoes! One more reason is that with a micro wedding you have a more manageable timeline. This way you get to enjoy more of your immediate family and friends and time will definitely feel more stretched as you will connect with everyone. Finally, it definitely feels more authentic as you and your spouse will be on the spotlight of your loved ones, where you won’t feel overwhelmed or intimidated by big crowds, as there will be no big expectations.

Always thankful for our dear vendors:

Venue: Radisson Blu Park Hotel Athens
Invitations and printables: Προσκλητήρια Atelier Invitations
Photographer: Efi Rouf
Cakes station: Mokpo creative cakes
Kids entertainment: Wecandoit for kids only
Concept, planning and design by RockPaperScissors