Boho chic wedding in Island, Varkiza

On a blue humid summer day in Menorca, the year 2009, Luis and Hara had their first encounter. Needless to say the sparkles were not imminent; at first glance they were two people from different worlds who shared a common friend and, as it seemed at first, not a lot more.

It was however only a matter of hours, through shared smiles and whimsical glimpses, before they realised their bond was special.
6 years, 2 cities and 1 dog later, they vowed to spend the rest of their lives together and joined their hearts with the Aegean Sea as a witness.

On that 5th of July 2015, the day that Greek people said “NO” to austerity measures, Luis and Hara said “YES” to eternal love and respect.

What was a historical day for many, will remain for the couple a simple testimony of how extraordinary their life is together.

We were all so moved on that day and we wish you the best in your lives together!


Venue: Private House,Island
Photographer: Bascon Bodas
Music by Party Mobile Services
Photobooth by
Hair & Makeup: George Marascas
Deco & Styling by our talented team!