Athens bar show

You may have seen many of our co-operations with Bar Academy on various social events.

However, Bar Academy is also the proud creator and organizer of one of the most acknowledged events in the European and worldwide bar scene. This is no other than the Athens Bar Show, which is regarded as one of the largest bar shows in the world where spreading education and knowledge is a principal pillar.

Branding and concept creation of an event

In the year 2012 our vendors became clients, when they decided to take their event to the next level by making it a standalone event – it was a side event of Metropolitan Expo from 2010. So we helped them with the creation of their logo, their catch phrase “Stirring up the future of bartending” and also build their media plan for radio spots / outdoor and the event’s catalogue.

For this event we definitely cannot brag about it’s commercial success, nor it’s organizational and logistics parts but we did gave it a nudge the first year so to build up this mega event that it is today. Visit their web page for more.

Always thankful for our dear vendors:

Client: Bar Academy for Athens Bar Show
Venue: The Hub Events
Photographer: Christos Theologou
Concept, design and styling: RockPaperScissors