An intimate wedding in Amalfi Coast

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Amalfi is one unique place, and the farthest destination we ever organized a wedding, so far.

It was a great challenge and one of the biggest adventures for us. We thank Wyatt and Maria Flora for their trust and of course Nikos Papadopoulos Gogas for his support and great eye for detail.

Care to find out about their love story?

Here it goes!

 From Flora’s perspective

In June 2014, Jason and Catalina, two mutual close friends organized a party at their house during the World Cup; Colombia was playing and there was a huge party and people celebrating. Just before I arrived, they had extinguished a small fire. Somehow shorts were caught on fire from a candle. Shortly after, a crazy blond boy, clearly American was dancing around the house wearing the shorts and because of the fire, had a huge hole on the butt! Embarrassed, I gave a fleeting glance and I realized that I would never forget that butt, instantly, I knew he would be so cheerful and sunny! We met briefly again two months later, in Croatia, and when he saw me, his face was unforgettable. After the Summer ended, he invited me out for our first date, I was initially skeptical, I thought he was a “crazy American.” But after that dinner I changed my mind and now we are here, a step away from the altar. It was not easy, he would leave Italy in eight months, our cultures are very different and also I did not speak his language very well and he is a complete disaster with Italian :-). But we survived certain of only one thing, we can not live without each other.

From Wyatt’s perspective

When opposites attract! I love beer, she loves expensive wine. I love flip-flops, she loves Dolce & Gabbana. I love street tacos, she loves pasta. I love Dexter, she loves Kiki and Yaya. I love techno, she loves house music. I love soccer, she loves shopping. I love climbing mountains, she loves relaxing on the beach. I love driving safe, she loves driving like Jason Bourne. But all these differences, led to one thing, laughter. Everyone knows that to build a healthy relationship, you need to communicate properly and gain trust with that other person. But Flora, has something else, something special inside her which drags me in more and more every day of my life. And if you know Flora, you know what I am talking about. She is the most thoughtful person I have ever met. When it came to understanding my crazy American culture, welcoming Dexter (my giant pit-bull) into her life, meeting my family for the first time, planning trips together across the world, and most importantly, trying to accept my military life style, she always puts me before herself. This is something I admire and can never forget about Flora, she truly is the love of my life.

Our lovely vendors

Photographer: @nikosgogas
Invitation and printables: @atelier_invitations 
Venue: Grand Hotel Il Saraceno
Planning, Design and Decoration: @rockpaperscissorsevents
Flatware: @white_lilac_rentals
Bride’s dress: Sartorial Craftsmanship, hand stitched
Bride’s shoes: @Sophiawebster
Groom’s suit: Sartorial Craftsmanship, hand stitched
Groom’s shoes: @Givenchyofficial
Makeup artist: Kriss Barone