A romantic wedding in Hydra island

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It is a great honor when a client contacts you all the way from New York to request advice on his wedding planning. It is common for us to organize your wedding from A to Z but we can also be there for you just to do consulting regarding your wedding’s suppliers and coordination.

This is what we did for T&N.

RPS Ydra1
RPS Ydra15
RPS Ydra12
RPS Ydra21
RPS Ydra3
RPS Ydra13
RPS Ydra22
RPS Ydra10
RPS Ydra20
RPS Ydra5
RPS Ydra17
RPS Ydra18


In this wedding we suggested the beautiful photography of Alexandra stamopoulou photographer

The unique sounds of Grigoris Danis and group members jazz band and of course the lovely lacey bonbonieres by our crafty Aggeliki. Favor bags with local delicacies were from Naturally Greek.

Wedding took place on the island of Hydra and the reception went on Sunset Restaurant with the music sounds of Mike Vekris.

The bride’s romantic gown was from Temperley London.

The lovely flowers were arranged from Katerina Voulgari (Seasiderose).

A romantic wedding with Greek aroma…enjoy!