A Greek fiesta in Pylos

This isn’t just another wedding in Peloponnese but it’s a Greek fiesta in Pylos with a unique traditional character!

This young couple’s dream guided them back to the bride’s homeland for their Greek fiesta wedding (in Greece we call it panigýri: πανηγύρι) in Pylos, southern Peloponnese. And who can disagree that Peloponnese is famous for its diverse landscape, extrovert people, amazing wine and olive trees? It has a romantic, yet wild coastline that can provide the best backdrop for a wedding in Greece and as people make the good parties, couple’s guests made the best one.

This couple loves to travel

Both bride and groom live and work abroad, so with their celebration of unity, they got to gather their friends from all over the world and of course their big Greek family. Peloponnese is the ideal choice for couples who want to live a genuine Greek traditional wedding with all the family rituals and all foreign guests get to introduced to our customs and traditions. It was an unforgettable experience! We did everything in our power to maintain the character of a traditional fiesta.

Traditional Greek Wedding in Pylos

Church chosen was the one in Pylos the older castle of Navarino, called Palaiokastro or Palaionavarino and the more recent castle, called Niokastron.

Niokastro was built in 1573 by the Turks, and in 1686 was captured by the Venetians. It came again under Turkish domination in 1715, along with the castles of Koroni and Palionavarino. One of the most important buildings inside is the Church of the Metamorphosis (Transfiguration): Cross-in-square domed church dedicated to the Transfiguration of Christ. It was used as a Moslem mosque and was later converted into a Christian church. This is where the ceremony was held! You can only imagine the whole atmosphere.

Our bride was escorted by Greek traditional musicians and walked all the way from the entrance of Castle to the Church along with her family and best friends. The ceremony was something unique with all the blessings that followed from the priest and couple and guests embraced every single moment of the most important part of the wedding day. And the smiles of happiness were the living proof that these precious memories will be cherished for a lifetime.

The Greek fiesta that followed!

A wedding in Peloponnese offers numerous opportunities to have the best wedding experience. It’s not an overstatement to say that Greece is really proud of this part of the country. Every Greek knows that here you can find the choicest and freshest ingredients of Greece.

The venue chosen was Ammothines Beach Bar and restaurant, where guests enjoyed their welcome drinks while they enjoyed a unique sunset by the sea. Tables were set exactly like on a Greek tavern with wildflowers placed on the tables and a family-style dinner was served under the string lights that gave a very festive feeling.

Greeks are also known for their party and dancing so after dinner, the most traditional party followed. Different traditional dances from all over Greece had the dancefloor packed the whole night and guests danced like they were practicing their whole lives! Of course, a Greek fiesta entails the traditional plate breaking and this was another highlight of the wedding party.

Dancing next to the sea is the best place to party and this unparalleled location made all of us feel like we were in a family summer house in Greece.

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Wedding Planning Tips
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