Wedding Planning Assistant’s 1st year

Our wedding planning assistant’s 1st year had been more than amazing. It was a year full of big smiles and great achievements! Nefeli, Happy 1st year!

A year ago a new wedding planning assistant walked into our Agency. Nefeli has the magical power to make you love her with her warm smile. No one can resist her kind and sweet character. A few days ago was her 1st year anniversary and as a Team, we surprised her with an out of the blue celebration. Between sweets and happy dances, we asked her how was her first year at Rock Paper Scissors Events Agency.

Nefeli’s words made us shed a tear of joy:

Last summer my life changed completely! I was standing in front of a white desk with a beautiful white orchid on top of it. Helena told me “take care of the plant and water it up to grow up.” And our journey began on that day…

I was so excited about my new job. All I could think of it was how much I wanted it all of these, to stay in this Agency, work and learn the ropes of the job. The creative vibes made me lose track of time and to my surprise, the summer passed faster than any other.

My calendar was full of express trips that never felt like business obligations. Everything was magical and looked like a joyful adventure. Hoping from one Greek island to the next one, learning how to organize luxury destination weddings next to Helena & Paraskevi was an amazing experience.  Although I had to meet so many people and see so many places in such a short period of time, I wouldn’t change a single thing and would do it again from the beginning!

I wish I could revive our first summer together. These 2 ladies have taught everything I know as a wedding planning assistant. My first summer in the RPS Events Agency made me appreciate the work behind all the luxury events and showed me that spectacular results are founded in a well-structured team.  I was trying with all my heart to cope with the demands of everyday tasks and the challenges of event planning coordination. Day by day, week by week, month by month…

And then it happened… everything fell into place when Paraskevi asked me if I wanted to join them for launch after office. That was my Aha! moment. It was then when I felt like part of the team. I will never forget this warm feeling of gratification!

During my first year, both ladies helped me to improve and guided me like true mentors. They did everything in their power to teach me how to become a capable wedding planning assistant. In the same time, they both provide me the space to express my personality and my ideas. Having the opportunity to open up and show all your potentials is a gift from heaven.  I am so thankful for having them by my side as mentors, helping me to improve at all levels.

Next to Helena and Paraskevi, I learned that a team with good communication is never influenced by external factors.