10 Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks by Rock Paper Scissors Events in Greece

10 Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks

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Wedding Planning Tips

When planning your wedding, it’s good to have some guidance in order to avoid headaches and stressful situations. For more than 8 years we have planned and organized countless weddings, therefore you can rely on our experience. Here we have gathered our top tips & tricks to make a bride’s life easier. Brides gather around and check out our indispensable wedding planning tips below.

10 Wedding Planning Tips by Rock Paper Scissors Events

1 – Prepare an accurate guest list

Your guest list is the first step you need to follow for your wedding planning, right after setting the date! It’s truly important since this will define the budget to be spent onwards. It may sound impossible to draft and edit your guest list but is more than essential. Having a clean list from the very beginning, it will make easier to keep track on last-minute additions, follow-ups including RSVPs, menu arrangements, table setting and thank you notes.

Set your feet on the ground and be realistic with the numbers. We know, this isn’t the most pleasant part of any wedding preparations but budgets have limits. Your original budget will define your guest list count. Planning a wedding for 50 guests is totally different from organizing a wedding for 200 guests. Take under consideration that for each guest you add,  certain changes follow at:

  • the number of plates your caterer will prepare,
  • the number of favors,
  • the number of chair rentals & table set up,
  • the quantity of food and cake,
  • (in some cases) accommodation & transportation means
  • the venue capacity

Write down your guest list by placing at the top, your family members and your best friends. Leave some room for coworkers, neighbors or even your parent’s friends and some people that may have invited you to their wedding. In case you have to limit your guest list, then you will start from the bottom. If you are planning a destination wedding, these numbers will affect the final expenses.


2 – Find a venue that speaks to your heart

It is important to have a clear idea of the venue you’re looking for. Like if you wanted in a vineyard, on olive orchards, Cliffside, by the beach, in a castle or a hotel. This will, later on, define your wedding’s theme and decoration concept and design. Bear in mind, that location is relevant to local weather conditions. For example, an open wedding in a forest may hold some chilly surprises or even rain.

Before you book a wedding venue, consider speaking with a wedding planner. Wedding experts can provide solutions that will respect your vision and your budget. If you have your guest list ready (or almost ready), a wedding planner will suggest the best available options for your wedding day. Professionals know how to smooth the stress and permit to soon to be married couples to stay true to their themselves without compromising in quality.


3 – Think of your guests

It’s a fact that you won’t be able to please everyone but at least try to be thoughtful while choosing your venue or ceremony location by ticking off boxes like nearby hotels, transportation, venue proximity. Also, your guests are the ones you’re honoring by creating this party, thus you need to take care of them with respect to choosing your menu and drinks. If you’re inviting out-of-town guests or having a destination wedding, consider looking for a venue close to a hotel.

10 Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks by Rock Paper Scissors Events in Greece

4 – Do not negotiate on small things

Ok, it’s always a good idea to negotiate and try to make savings for more but think twice of the amount you’re negotiating for. It’s different to negotiate a few euros for your invitation and a few thousand on drinks and menu. Prioritize on what’s really important.  Make clever choices if you want to have the wedding of your dreams. It’s essential to be prepared for any surprise expenses like additional tailoring needs or a new pair of bridal shoes.

A wedding needs an enormous amount of tiny details to become unforgettable. To keep a balance between things that must-have and those that can be skipped, you will need a checklist. For example, there is no wedding without a wedding gown or a groom’s attire, right? But you can have a wedding with fewer guests or different kind of wedding invitations or without a live music band or even with seasonal flowers. Have a heart to heart discussion with your better half and your wedding planner, in order to set some limits on what is negotiable.


5 – Know how to read between the lines on Pinterest photos

It’s only normal that Pinterest is every bride’s go to. On the other hand, this can be truly overwhelming since it can really mix you up if you can’t really know what is it truly that you like in a photo. Also, bear in mind that many photos are not an outcome of a real wedding but perhaps of a styled shoot so the details you see could also be distorted also with the photographer’s touch.

It’s a good idea to Pin what you like on your special wedding board. If you add little notes for specific details on each pin, this will guide you on what you really love at each image. Maybe you are attracted to soft shades of coral or you love blue shades.  Pinterest can help you build a mood board for your personal style. This will guide you as you move forward to pick up the best combinations for your dream wedding.

After some time, you should better delete Pins that no longer suit you. When you will have a clear picture of your final vision, then start looking for the vendors behind each wedding. Most importantly, discover which wedding planner is closer to your wedding style. As soon as you find the ideal wedding designer & planner, then everything will come in place. Pinterest is perfect to set a general mood and define what works best for you. And it works as a starting point for the creation of your unique wedding theme.



Rock Paper Scissors Events in Greece Pinterest

6 – Plan ahead and use a time plan

Take your time. Don’t start last minute so you don’t get stressed. Prepare a to-do list that you can fill in with every detail that comes to mind. Set dates on when you should add to do what.

7 – Write down your “Cant’ live without’s”

Remind yourself what’s truly important. Let your creativity flow but on the other hand, we bet your budget is not endless. So remind yourself during the process what are your “can’t live withouts? Great food? Amazing view? Unique wedding dress?

8 – Eliminate ideas

Don’t get caught up in perfection. Prioritize! And keep it simple. As we said already since your budget is not endless, in your initial mood board scrap out ideas that perhaps were not meant to be for your venue or if you’re not going for this rustic theme, after all.

10 Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks by Rock Paper Scissors Events in Greece

9 – Don’t make this all about you

Be present. Be a team with everyone in the process and enjoy time with everyone involved. It’s one of those rare moments to enjoy with your party girls while trying on several bridal gowns. Your rare moments to involve your mom and trust her taste and those organizational skills. To hug your dad as often as you can since soon you won’t be his little girl anymore. Last but not least, enjoy those creative mornings with your hubby to be and see for once again how much you are aligned but also feel free to quarrel on little things. Your skills to manage these small “hiccups” will be needed in your married life.


10 – Get yourself a wedding planner!

Why? To make your wedding more fun, stress-free and get to enjoy all the fun appointments such as Food tasting, venue tours, cake tasting, flower sampling and the like so it does not have to be all business. Also for you to be able to be relaxed and focused when your big day arrives and be present and enjoy every little moment.

It is no secret, that a wedding planner, will keep everything on track and deal with all the tiring tasks behind the scenes. Will stand by your side and protect you from any unnecessary expenses. Also, they can coordinate the wedding preparation, the wedding day and the wedding celebrations while you enjoy a full body beauty spa week.

One Bonus Tip

Never forget that you will need time. With the help of your wedding planner, create a wedding planning schedule and do things one by one. This will save you time, money and energy. It would be wise not to book any vendors before you find your own wedding designer & planner.

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And the good things keep coming. We are so thrilled to have on our side. This means that more valuable tips are available to all our brides. Visit their website and gain more knowledge on how to plan a stress-free wedding.


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How to Set a Copper & Marble Table Decor for Your Event

How to Set a Copper & Marble Table Decor for your Event

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Copper & Marble Table Decor

If copper and marble accents speak to you, why not use them for a festive Easter set up? Can you imagine mastering a unique art de la table for your family and friends, a glass of wine and sampling your favorite Easter delights? Ok, it’s not the common concept, but we are here to keep things modern and crisp even on this time of the year!

Are you wondering how a copper & marble table decor would look like? Just marvelous! Trust us, we are wedding planners for more than 8 years and we’ve got this.

You see, sometimes the unexpected table styling could make a huge difference for your guests. Balance and complementary colors & materials tend to transform an edgy table decor into an elegant and stylish concept. Experienced professionals in event planning dare to try controversial decor ideas in order to create unique events for their clients.

This is what we do!

Before we start, we have to confess that marble is one of our favorite elements in table decor. Marble is a timeless design element that will never get dated or out of style. There is a sense of serenity and calmness in it and, when is mixed up with copper and wood, can be one of the supportive stars.

Set the Copper & Marble Table

Today we will see how to try this stylish copper & marble table decor for a festive dinner table and wow your guests. Let’s see how:

For starters, the color base of the main linen tablecloth should be white or off white or in soft grey-white. We recommend using a palette of white and grey tones on the plates for a clean and sophisticated look.

Sandy hues, turquoise pops and peachy pinks is a good idea for the napkins if you want to have a softer outcome. Feel comfortable to pair it with fine rose gold flatware and copper napkin rings. They complement the tablescape and create even more pattern with the, out of the ordinary, scene.

How to Set a Copper & Marble Table Decor by Rock Paper Scissors Events

Devil is in the details! Try to forget what mothers used to advice us for table setup. Dare to use modern glassware and combine different sizes or even different styles. There is nothing more astonishing than having different crystals on the table but within the same color palette. By keeping the art de la table objects under the same tones it makes it easier to look luxurious. Sous verres, sous plats and even platters for your Easter eggs are just a few ideas to incorporate it into your tabletop’s pieces.

How to Set a Copper & Marble Table Decor by Rock Paper Scissors Events

In case you are expecting some new members for your dinner table, it’s a good idea to add a printed menu of what is about to be served. Some people are quite sensitive to specific tastes & flavors. Avoid awkward moments and keep some neutral recipes as a must-haves in your menu. Mix & max traditional plates with some new age vegetarian-friendly suggestions. Take our word for this one, everyone will adore your menu!

How to Set a Copper & Marble Table Decor by Rock Paper Scissors Events

Hey! Remember, some family and friends need a drink or two before the food starts. Be ready and organize a corner for spirit lovers. Prefer to be near the porch door, for those friends that can’t live without a smoke. Sinners, sin and smokers, smoke… what to do? We love them, both!

Last but not least are flowers. Add flowers everywhere around the house. An event should satisfy all the senses. Flowers are destinated to beautify our lives and are the hostess’s best friend.  The geometric and modern centerpieces mixing up with springtime flowers, will transfuse the playful touch and help tie the whole look together.

Frequently Ask Questions about Cooper & Marble Table Decor

Can I use a dark grey tone for the tablecloth?

Imagine having white porcelain on top of a dark grey tablecloth. It’s too strong for the eye and extremely difficult to balance it with the copper elements. If you already have a dark grey tablecloth, you can add a white layer of a seethrough tablecloth and soften the general impression. Keep in mind the tablecloths are the most distinguished element on the table, due to its dimensions/size. It covers the whole table!

Can I add traditional Easter red eggs?

Off course you can! You can add any color of eggs. After all, it’s Easter, right? Have you ever tried to offer Easter eggs into a copper basket, filled with flowers? Have a look at this idea:

How to Set a Copper & Marble Table Decor by Rock Paper Scissors Events

Have you ever tried Copper & Marble table decor in an event?

Yes, we have tried Copper & Marble table decor in a wedding event. Although guests were way more than 12 people, the result was breathtaking. The more the merrier! Be our guest and see it with your own eyes in this Modern Elegant Wedding.

Who are the vendors used in this table decor theme?

Thank you for asking that! Our dear vendors are:

Venue: @islandathensriviera
Catering: @ariafinecatering
Photo & Video: @ak3fotografia
Lights and Sound: @loudandcleargr
Furniture Rentals: @stylebox_rentals
Flatware Rentals: @white_lilac_rentals
Prosecco Bar: @bubblecouplegr
Invitations: @atelier_invitations
Bride’s Jewellery: @tiffanyandco
Wedding dress: @bboutiquegr
Bride’s shoes: @louboutinworld
Bridesmaids’ dresses: @monsoon
Groom’s wear: @hugoboss_home
Groom’s shoes: @loakeshoemakers
Makeup: @theoni_stravokefalou
Hair: @miroirbythalia
Wedding planning: @rockpaperscissorsevents

This year I will host an extremely large family event. Can I hire your services?

We will be thrilled to provide you our event planning services. Let’s talk and find an opening in our calendar. If dates are convenient for both sides, then we can plan your next event in Greece. Visit our contact page and send us a private message there!

How to Set a Copper & Marble Table Decor for your Event
Win a Free Wedding Planning Consultation with Rock Paper Scissors Events

Win a Free Wedding Planning Consultation

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We have a Winner!

Congratulations Mina Theochari! You have been crowned our Giveaway’s winner!

You won a free 2-hours wedding planning consulting session with our wedding experts team. Rock Paper Scissors Events team is so excited and wish to thank all entrants! Thanks to all of you, our “Women’s Day Giveaway” was a success!

Stay tuned for our next Giveaway!

Rock Paper Scissors Events

Congratulations Mina Theochari! You have been crowned our Giveaway's winner!

Congratulations Mina Theochari! You have been crowned our Giveaway’s winner!

Women’s Day Giveaway

Win a free wedding planning consultation with our team as a gift for Women’s Day!

Enter and win 2 hours of free consultation via Skype or phone meeting with our wedding experts. We want to share with you our expertise at wedding planning. All you have to do is to join our mailing list and share this Giveaway with your friends at social media.


How to enter

Entering for your chance to win is easy and 100% free!

  • Step 1: Enter our mailing list
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  • Step 3: Wait for the magic to happen until 8th March 2019
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Rock Paper Scissors Events Giveaway March 2019


Rock Paper Scissors Events Giveaway March 2019

Why we support Brides-to-be?

Part of our values in our company is focused on the empowerment of women. Being a Wedding Planning Agency for more than 8 years, we interact mainly with women. It is in our understanding women do so many things for their closed ones and wear plenty of hats in their life. They are mothers, wives, sisters, businesswomen, daughters, best friends, care providers, lovers, entrepreneurs and so much more…  Women’s Day is a celebration for women’s rights and freedom. Therefore it’s our duty to honor our own gender.

Brides-to-be are superheroes dressed in wedding gowns. Only if you have planned your wedding you can comprehend the tremendous pressure a woman has to endure in order to have the wedding of her dreams. Has to satisfy two completely different families, while she keeps so many balls in the air! We wish to provide a break from this challenging process with our Giveaway: 2 hours of free consultation.

Rock Paper Scissors Events Giveaway March 2019

About Women’s Day Celebration

International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8 every year. It is a focal point in the movement for women’s rights.

After the Socialist Party of America organized a Women’s Day on February 28, 1909, in New York, the 1910 International Socialist Woman’s Conference suggested a Women’s Day be held annually. After women gained suffrage in Soviet Russia in 1917, March 8 became a national holiday there. The day was then predominantly celebrated by the socialist movement until it was adopted in 1975 by the United Nations.

Today, International Women’s Day is a public holiday in some countries and largely ignored elsewhere. In some places, it is a day of protest; in others, it is a day that celebrates womanhood. Learn more here…

It is worth to mention that in Italy, to celebrate the day, men give yellow mimosas to women. Communist politician Teresa Mattei chose the mimosa in 1946 as the symbol of IWD in Italy because she felt that the French symbols of the day, violets and lily-of-the-valley, were too expensive to be used effectively in Italy.

In the United States, actress and human rights activist Beata Pozniak worked with the Mayor of Los Angeles and the Governor of California to lobby members of the U.S. Congress to propose official recognition of the holiday. In February 1994, H. J. Res. 316 was introduced by Rep. Maxine Waters, along with 79 cosponsors, in an attempt to officially recognize March 8 of that year as International Women’s Day. The bill was subsequently referred to, and remained in, the House Committee on Post Office and Civil Service.

As of 2019, International Women’s Day will also be celebrated as a public holiday in the city of Berlin, Germany.

Rock Paper Scissors Events Giveaway March 2019

Terms and Conditions:  This Giveaway starts on 1st March 2019 and ends on 8th March 2019 at midnight. The winner will be selected randomly and will be announced on 9th March 2018 at 13:00, within our social media channels and website.

You may enter all our giveaways, but you may only win one time. Phone or Skype calls will be limited to 2 hours and will happen within 2 weeks of winning. Phone or Skype calls will be scheduled directly with our team.

All personal data ( emails, names, phone numbers) are stored into our client’s list and are protected according to the latest GDPR guidelines. We value your privacy as much as ours! By entering this giveaway you are agreeing to share publicly your name and social media account if you are the lucky winner.

Cover photo credits: @thanosasfis

Win a Free Wedding Planning Consultation with Rock Paper Scissors Events for Pinterest

Happy Women's Day

Wedding in Mykonos by Rock Paper Scissors Events in Greece

6 Ideas for a Divine Destination Wedding in Greece

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Wedding in Greece

Greece is the perfect choice to organize your wedding and have the time of your life. Athens and all the Greek Islands are magical wedding locations all year long. When you find yourself next to the Aegean Sea, everything seems like a fairy tale. Even if we start to count our blessings here in Greece, we will need 10 lives to include all… Shall we start with the romantic whitewashed chapels surrounded by gorgeous sandy beaches? Popup the question and Rock Paper Scissors team will plan your dream destination wedding in Greece.

Unforgettable Wedding in Santorini

Cesar and Sarahy came all the way from Miami to get married in Santorini. Both originally from Cuba can understand the island rhythms and share their love for the sea. So they decided to go on a family cruise and make a stopover to the island they thought is the best to serve for their wedding’s background. Ceremony and dinner took place overlooking the stunning caldera view. Discover the magical moments of this wedding in this gallery…

Wedding in Mykonos

Put the blame on us if you will melt with this wedding in Mykonos. Planning a wedding styled shoot demands as much effort & skills as a real wedding. At this wedding in Mykonos, the couple looked gorgeous. Can you feel the vibes?  Can you soak up all the local culture with all the indigo blue and copper details all around? Breathe it all in, and let us know what you think! We know you want to see more, here is the magic door…

Wedding at Meganisi

The island of Meganisi is located just between Lefkada and the western mainland coasts of Greece. Right opposite from the island of Skorpios, the idyllic Greek island where Aristotle Onassis married Jackie Kennedy. Meganisi is an island with few habitats and limited tourist developments but with lush greenery and blue-green waters.

Some beaches can be reached on foot and others are accessible only by boat. There is no bus on this small island of the Ionian Sea and all transport has to be done by foot or private means, like boat or motorbike. This lovely island is where the parents of the groom are originated and the location this couple chose for their chic minimalist yet boho island wedding.

Certainly, for a wedding planner, organizing a big wedding on a tiny island was a challenge in and of itself. Our most difficult moment was figuring out how a small, typical Greek taverna could accommodate properly so many people and keep an authentic character yet elegant and unique: By taking things back to the basics, or more precisely by sophisticated simplicity. We wanted to create a simple and soft look so we used classic colour combinations like brown, gold and green. We added wildflowers, mixed textures and traditionally inspired elements for a shameless boho vibe that this location would never forgive us if we didn’t. Do you want to see how this wedding woo all the guests? Here is the gallery…

Words from the couple:

“We met during our master’s studies at Harvard Business School. We didn’t date there but friends and life moved us both to the same city we began dating while working in San Francisco in 2013. We chose to get married on the island of Meganisi. Meganisi is important to both of us because we’ve spent every summer of our relationship there. Peter’s Maternal grandparents were born on Meganisi and he’s spent every summer of his upbringing visiting the island and specifically the village of Spartochori.

We hired a boat to take our guests around the islands for the day before the wedding. After talking with our guests they thought this made the wedding feel like a vacation and they got to spend quality time with both of us. As a reminder, most of our guests traveled to our wedding and paired it with their vacation plans.”


Wedding in Crete

Our agency strongly feels that love should know no boundaries and that needs to be celebrated in every form. Hence, when Karen and Isabel asked us if we would feel comfortable to organized their wedding there were no second thoughts! It was an absolute yes!

And even though this was our first time having to deal with the requests and vision of two brides at a wedding, this was a wedding we absolutely adored. And the reason is that we had this amazing opportunity to witness a deep love, with a rough enthusiasm, surrounded by their loved ones in a unique and raw place like Crete island where the feelings and surroundings are still authentic. Exactly as love should always be, authentic. See the magic with your own eyes…

Words from our Brides:

“Our experience with RPS was organized, detailed, thoughtful, tasteful, and amazing all-around. We planned a 55-person wedding from Brooklyn, NY that was a perfect, dreamy celebration of love in Crete, GR. I’m sure most guests say this but an overwhelming amount of ours did go out of their way to tell us that day, night, and afterwards, that it was hands-down the most beautiful, magical wedding they’ve ever been to and could ever imagine.

Our very first communication made us feel like Helena (and later, Nefeli) was the right person we could entrust with such big overseas planning. Out of the several planners and planning companies we reached out to with specific questions (and an initial idea for a ceremony space) — RPS was the only one that responded to those specific requests and seemed to have read them at all.  It wasn’t just a template response asking us our budget, guests number, and location.

On top of this, once we viewed their portfolio and saw the variety and care taken with the events they design and produce, we also felt they would be up to the task for two brides who have particular taste (and one mother who is a designer in her own right and is very opinionated on these things!) — no cut and paste designs or trends would do for us — and a lot of the sample work we were viewing initially seemed to be of that nature. From browsing their work we knew this wasn’t the case with RPS and felt immediate relief. 

From there, we couldn’t have had a better experience. Planning a wedding is already a gargantuan task, but planning a wedding overseas with very individual and specific ideas in mind multiplies the size of this task. 

It could have been very daunting, but from our initial skype (which were somewhat frequent as we could manage with the time difference — not too hard, with flexibility on both parts) through the countless follow up emails and decisions we made on foods, musicians, rentals, genius photographer, amazing DJ, travel advice, the many recommendations and brainstorming back and forths of the designs and styles… we felt at all times that the burden was lifted off of our shoulders and we only had to help push it along minimally, as Helena worked to ensure we didn’t worry over all the minutiae of planning and organizing such a special event.

RPS is extremely professional and we never felt like we needed to follow up or were wondering what the next step was because Helena had it all laid out and was on top of everything in a very organized, helpful manner. RPS also has great relationships with various vendors/talent as well who were a huge part of our day. Photographer G.Pahountis and DJ Aris are two very special people and we felt honored to include them in our day.

We are forever grateful to RPS and the work they did to help us have the wedding of our dreams. Of course, the most important thing you look for when hiring a company to help plan an event is their talent and skill in design elements as well as their ability to execute the logistics of a vision and event… and RPS fulfilled this end perfectly. 

But the highest compliment we can pay and are so grateful to have met and worked with them because of (on top of their professionalism and skill) is the human element: we genuinely felt connected to Helena, cared for, and enjoyed getting to know her throughout the process. Because your wedding is such a personal celebration, her ability to connect with us as clients and humans kept the whole process feeling authentic and seamless. 

If we had to go back and start over from scratch, there is no other company we would consider aside from RPS.”

Beach Wedding in Athens

Words fail us when we have to say for this couple’s beauty and elegance. But what astonished us, even more, was their kindness along all the way and particularly the bride’s taste and elegance. We tried to please her all the way and designed a wedding with a minimal and elegant beach style with peach and blush tones.

Guests found their seating in a lovely stand with polaroids taken during their entrance, a jazz band played some laid out music and when everyone heard the “i’dos” white balloons were released to the sky. It was a really emotional party full of friends and family speeches, lots of dancing and a show from three fire dancers so to “Set the night on fire”. We know you want to see more…

Words from the bride:

“We got married in Athens, Greece. We wanted a beach destination wedding in a country we love, where all our guests can have easy access to all our guests who flew from US, Canada, Australia, Kuwait, Dubai and Lebanon. The best decision I made was hiring the wedding planner who turned out to be amazing and help us with every step of the way which made our lives easier. The most memorable moment for us was after we finished our vows and all our guests flew white balloons into the sky while the jazz band played the song  “What a wonderful world”. Also, the first dance was so beautiful with us on the beach and everyone gathered around us.”

Wedding in Monemvasia

The groom’s love for Greece and its food and wine and the bride’s longing for its sun and beach made this wedding decision rather easy. We knew immediately this is going to be an out of the ordinary wedding.

We were on a quest to find the best venue to host the wedding’s guests and at the same time reflect the couple’s’ taste. Hidden within the unexplored beauties of the Laconia region in the Peloponnese, Kinsterna hotel is a unique place where not only you get yourself pampered by this renovated medieval castle exceptional services, but you indulge yourself with an amazing culinary experience that only uses local and fresh produce.

For the welcome gifts, we chose pasteli bars, a local sesame candy that was distributed with the wedding program as the guests were greeted to their rooms. As it was a Day wedding, we made sure that during the ceremony, guests were served fresh lemonade and herbs infused water to cool off. The wedding lunch was prepared by the chef using local produce that was grown in the hotel and the house wine was coming from a vineyard that is minutes away.

Guests were amazed by the cheese and olive oil bar and got to keep a special styled small bottle of olive oil as a wedding favor. The overall style of the decoration was in line with the simple, intimate yet elegant and unique wedding Melissa and Haissam wanted. We went for a rustic earthy style, with the olive tree at the heart of the overall theme and that just reflected on the beauty of the location they were getting married at.

It took us a full year to plan this wedding. We exchanged more than 400 emails, had long video calls on skype, and even used WhatsApp, Pinterest, and Instagram. Yes, we became friends after all and we can’t wait for their trip back to Greece to see them again, hopefully with a new member! Experience the beauty of Monemvasia in this gallery…

RPS Events Team – Your Event Designers!

We are the creative agency that will design and produce the event of your dreams right from scratch. Say “Yes I do” and we’ll do all the rest… and that’s a promise! What are your plans for your next event in Greece? We would love to hear from you on our contact page. No hidden strings attached or any obligation whatsoever. We love weddings and we are devoted to creating unforgettable moments. Get a taste in the following video by @alexstabasopoulos 

Love is the Answer by Rock Paper Scissors Events Greece

Love is the Answer

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Love is Love

Could be just a glance, could be a touch or even after a strong argument. You don’t know when love will hit you and definitely you can’t make any plans for it. But when it’s there, you know it! Be aware and brave enough to embrace that special feeling. It happens without prior notice and usually when you least expect it… Open your heart and let love work its magic.

Love is the Answer by Rock Paper Scissors Events Greece. photo by George Pahountis Photography.

Love is the Answer by Rock Paper Scissors Events Greece

Say Yes I Do

Express your love every day and work on the tiny details that can make your loved ones smile. A kiss at the back of their neck while he or she is cooking, tells more about your affection than 2 dozens of red roses. A small hidden note that he or she can find in the middle of their day can light up their world. Say yes to all ups and downs, hold tight to that feeling of your warm kisses and be supportive to each other when the situation has gone wild, is way more bonding than any valentine-themed-chocolate-box.

That deep feeling of “we are together no matter what” comes with some surprising truths about life. Even under the most challenging times, love can hold both of you in that special circle of trust and safety that only solid relationships have accomplished. Surviving the first two years of marriage and still feel genuine love and respect for your spouse, it worths all the celebrations that you can think of. If a couple can stand the profound transformations that they go through the first years of their marriage, they deserve to party hard.

Love is the Answer by Rock Paper Scissors Events Greece

Photographer: Anestis Papakonstantinou

Love is the Answer by Rock Paper Scissors Events Greece

Photographer: Lifestories Photography by Yann Audic

Your Valentine’s Day

Life happens between our efforts to make plans for the perfect weekend, the perfect wedding party, the perfect vacations, the perfect Valentine’s Day and anything else. It’s not about how perfect we have planned something but how we react and interact in real life changes. There is no right or wrong way to celebrate your love on Valentine’s day. There is only the way that gives that special meaning that reminds both of you why you are together. I bet you don’t need us to remind you, right?

Love is what it is!

Love is the Answer by Rock Paper Scissors Events Greece

Love is the Answer by Rock Paper Scissors Events Greece. photo by George Pahountis Photography.

Photographer: George Pahountis

Love is the Answer by Rock Paper Scissors Events Greece. Photo by George Pahountis Photography.

Love is the Answer by Rock Paper Scissors Events Greece. Photo by George Pahountis Photography.

Photographer: George Pahountis

Shooting for the About Us page…

· RockPaperScissors

Shooting for the About Us page was more than trivial to us.

Where should we do it?

What clothes should we wear?

Should we use props and style it or “act normal”?

We are both truly authentic in our lives and this is exactly what we intend to show in this photo shooting. We are also very different characters and this contrast is something that our couples can identify from our first meeting. But what’s finally truly important to them is that you actually complement each other in so many ways.

New website!

· RockPaperScissors

This is our new website and made a huge cleanup before we exploded everything.

You’ll not miss anything—other than the blog. Yes, sadly the old (greek only) content went to the archive and new things will come soon.

By then, stay tuned on our social media.